A question to all hunters

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Most Hunters are completely reliant on spells for their removal, so play minions that are resistant to it. Divine Shield minions and minions that spawn tokens (Bloodfen Hunter, Harvest Golem, HOGGER, etc) come to mind. Hunter removal is also very narrow and aside from Deadly Shot is limited by damage. If you play a lot of minions that have high HP for their cost the'll eventually start sticking around for several turns.
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Because every card in their kit is stupidly inexpensive, stupidly overpowered or both.

Keep the following in mind: Hunter decks are about 65% low cost beasts.

Hunter's Mark: 0 mana. Sets a target to 1 health, essentially a free removal of any minion on the table.

Kill Command: 3 mana, 3 damage. +2 if you control a beast.

Multi-Shot: 4 mana 3 damage to 2 random minions. Random is an element, but when combined with all the other crazy removal the hunter has it's not hard to wittle it down to the point where the random is removed.

Deadly Shot: 3 mana. Destroy a random minion. Same deal as Multi-Shot.

Explosive Shot: 5 mana. Deal 5 damage to a minion and 2 damage to each minion adjacent to it. Again, feeds into Hunter's crazy removal.

Starving Buzzard: 2 mana. Draw a card whenever you play a beast.

Timber Wolf: 1 mana 1/1. Your other beasts have +1 attack, stacks with Dire Wolf Alpha, which is also a beast. /facepalm

Scavenging Hyena: 2 mana 2/2. Gains +2/+1 when one of your beasts die, essentially Flesheating Ghoul on crack.

Animal Companion: 3 mana summons one of the following beasts...
4/2 Charge
4/4 Taunt
2/2 All other minions get +1 attack.
For that price,they're sick enough, but they're all beasts so they get all the fun bonuses too...

Tracking: 1 mana, Draw 3 cards, pick 1 discard the rest... I wouldn't complain about this, except for the kit being too filled with OP cards.

Explosive Trap: 2 mana, secret. Does 2 damage to all enemies including the hero if the hunter is attacked which is practically inevitable. Sickening OP.

Snipe: 2 mana secret: When your opponent summons a minion it takes 4 damage immediately. >_>

Freezing Trap: 2 mana secret: When a minion attacks you, return it to it's owners hand, it costs 2 more. More situational, but still bloody annoying. Can render some cards unplayable.

Eaglehorn Bow: 3 mana, 3/2 weapon. Gains 1 durability if a secret is revealed. You know just in case Hunter secrets weren't annoying enough.

Flare: 1 mana. All minions lose stealth and all enemy secrets are destroyed. Draw a card. OH, F*** OFF!

Unleash the Hounds: 1 mana. Your beasts gain +1 attack and charge. Easily the most broken card in the game. I have been on the receiving end of at 30-2 swing by a hunter player who had nothing on the table at the start of the turn and simply unloaded a bunch of beasts and then played this f***ing card. This card pretty much assures victory as it exploits the hunter's kit to it's maximum and allows him to pull countless victories out of his !@# that he really doesn't deserve.

So to sum up...

Low cost cards.
Way too much removal.
Beasts feed off each other like the f***ing Borg.
Overpowered cheap secrets.
The most broken card in the game.
And it all fits in one deck.

That is why this class is broken and everyone hates them.

Lets not forget about the Gladiator's Long Bow. Well not nearly as cheap in terms of mana cost It's still a 5 damage weapon that renders the Hunter COMPLETELY immune to damage while it's attacking. If there were ever a perfect minion removal card I don't know what is.

Which costs 7 mana basically taking up your entire turn to kill one minion. Not exactly high value
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No Preist is the Most Unbalanced you play a Minion SHADOW WORD DEATH/PAIN IMA PLAY ALL MINIONS HOLY NOVA no Preists are the most Ridicoulous Class in the game tooo Unbalanced
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12/03/2013 08:41 AMPosted by Saegin
. If there were ever a perfect minion removal card I don't know what is.

SW Pain/Death
12/03/2013 11:47 AMPosted by Shifty
Which costs 7 mana basically taking up your entire turn to kill one minion. Not exactly high value

It is, if it kills that one last taunt creature. It's an expensive tool but it's well worth the cost in certain situations, and it can close a life gap in a hurry. If I have the space for it, as I do in my deck, then it's well worth the one slot.
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