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What is a really efficient way in general to deal with it. Let me explain my situation that usually happens. I play my one and 2 drops. the priest plays lightwell. My issue is some of my decks, pally mostly, lack solid early game removal. I cant really ignore the well itself because it can heal the priest. and killing the well is a pain as it can heal itself. This is the early game where 5 damage might not be possible turn 2 or 3. Ironbeak owl has been my only way of dealing with it. Any others?
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Crazed alchemist is a great way of dealing with lightwell. Also getting early board control helps. If he plays the well at turn 2, then he shouldn't have anything on the field that can do damage. take advantage of that, get board control, and try to kill the well in 1 turn. If you can't do more than 3 damage, split your damage between the priest and the well, and hope that it heals the priest instead.
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There's a few ways to handle it:
1) Silence it
2) Kill it with direct damage
3) Crazed Alchemist or Stampeding Kodo

The thing about Lightwell is that it's a very dangerous card if the Priest establishes board control, but by playing it, they lose a lot of tempo. It has no offensive stats, so if you can kill it, they lose board position. Silencing it is more effective than most units since, when silenced, it's worthless unless they buff it in some way. As long as you push the board early, Lightwell really shouldn't cause any issues since either the turn they play it or the turn after, you'll kill it.

Another minor trick for Lightwell. The Lightwell appears to heal a random damaged friendly character, so if you can't kill the Lightwell, the next best thing is to split your damage between the hero and Lightwell. If you entirely damage the Lightwell, then it's guaranteed it will heal itself. If you put 2 damage into the Lightwell and 1 into the hero, however, there's a chance it'll heal the hero instead, which is obviously preferable.
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