Strategy againts mage?

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The secret is to open Flame Imp-->Succubus-->Soul Fire, that way you're down like 4 cards and 10 life by turn 5. Then... profit.

Really, takes a lot of luck. But I did get lucky a few times running Drain Life and Siphon Souls in my deck once, but if your mana curve is like 90% 1-3cc weenies you're pretty much boned.
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Accept the fact that you're probably going to lose and move on. It doesn't make you less of a person and everyone knows Mage players are try-hards with no style anyway. CCGs have *always* had something that those people are invariably drawn to, and in this game it's Mage.

Twilight Drake is actually pretty good against them for us.

It's good for us in general(if you aren't slapping yourself around with discard demons of course), but in the mage matchup it gets bonus points because a fear of over-commiting to the board means you often wind up with fat hands, and this thing dropping as a 4/7 or something obscene like that on turn 3/4 which means it'll soak up a nice amount of hate away from Dread Infernals, Hogger, Cairne, Mekkatorque...

I also recommend Darkscale Healers to nicely get extra mileage out of the fatties, and a sly Siphon Soul to just answer big late drops and also halp keep your life out of the danger zone.

Edit: I probably should mention that I personally don't have much to say about the suicide aggro builds. Nothing against them, but I'd rather make use of the fact that our hero power is the single best one in the game and use some of the more heavyweight options rather than just rushdown like mad.
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