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I have been trying to fine tune this deck lately:;247:2;286:2;356:2;382:2;417:2;422:2;435:2;471:2;500:2;542:2;550:2;568:2;572:2;577:2;

Backstab × 2
Shadowstep × 2
Abusive Sergeant × 2
Elven Archer × 2
Acidic Swamp Ooze × 2
Defias Ringleader × 2
Eviscerate × 2
Ironbeak Owl × 2
Knife Juggler × 2
Novice Engineer × 2
Youthful Brewmaster × 2
SI:7 Agent × 2
Ancient Brewmaster × 2
Defender of Argus × 2
Assassinate × 2

You want to play pretty much every card as soon as you can other than the Swamp Ooze and the Ironbeak Owls (mostly to stop taunters).

It usually plays out very quickly, but against AoE classes like Mage, Priest and Pally, I always try to hold back a minion or two, and use the Brewmasters to bounce an important minion if I think an AoE is imminent. I have found that assuming they have one is better than hoping they don't. Occasionally your hand will get clogged with brewmasters, and that usually spells doom.

I would like to include a weapon or two, but I have no idea what to cut. Does anyone have any suggestions to improve the deck? I am sorry if something similar has been posted. I searched quickly and didn't find anything specific.

It's not the greatest deck ever, but it's fun to play and I have won games I wasn't expecting too.
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Not to be a downer, but this deck would likely not make it too far. The main problem is the lack of draw and the number of cards that make you go -1 in hand without an immediate benefit such as shadowstep. You can of course use that to combo, but that best case gives you a 0 (so you lets say kill an enemy minion with SI7 combo but that means you lost a card and opponent lost a card so that is a 1 for 1). The worst case/average case is that you go -1 in your hand with no immediate benefit. Since there is no hand replenishment, you will soon find yourself in a very difficult position.

The main advantage of the rogue is its ability to use weapons and spells to effectively destroy enemy minions while keeping its own field alive and kicking. This leads to advantage over time which essentially leads to a killing blow.

Take out all situational cards such as ironbeaks and oozes since they only work against very specific cases.
Take out sergeant because its a 1 turn buff unlike dark iron dwarf and sunwell cleric
Knife juggler, way too unreliable and luck dependant, useless for strategy
Elven archer, just overall bad, might as well use shiv or something of the type
Get more draw power and weapons such as assassins blade, poison and that other 2 dmg dagger
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