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Hello, I'm looking to find out where to go with this basic rogue SP deck;74:2;87:2;164:2;184:2;205:2;326:2;378:2;385:2;388:2;433:2;434:2;471:2;479:2;568:2;659:2; .

I have already replaced Chillwind Yeti x2 with eviscerate x2... looking to keep improving the deck, here is the list

Backstab × 2
Deadly Poison × 2
Sinister Strike × 2
Acidic Swamp Ooze × 2
Kobold Geomancer × 2
Sap × 2
Shiv × 2
Dalaran Mage × 2
Fan of Knives × 2
Shattered Sun Cleric × 2
Eviscerate x 2
Ogre Magi × 2
Sen'jin Shieldmasta × 2
Assassinate × 2
Assassin's Blade × 2
Nightblade × 1
Azure Drake x1
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Needs more Mana Addict. The interaction with cheap card draw / damage spells (Shiv, FoK) to clear the way and the recursion of Headcrack is very strong. By the same token Questing Adventurer also works well in this kind of deck.

Personally, I think Assassin's blade in too expensive for what it does in this deck, it's mostly useful as minion clear. Defias Ringleader is a cheap pair of dudes, especially if you have the coin to get them on turn 1.

My deck is a little more minion-centric than yours though, I don't do spell power minions, I do stealth minions because I think they're better in this meta where non-targeting damage is not prevalent.

Here's a SS of my current load out:
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I tweaked this deck a little, and it improved a great deal but still needs work, see here;135:1;164:2;205:2;246:2;280:1;326:2;378:2;382:2;385:2;388:2;417:1;435:2;471:2;479:2;545:1;659:2;

Any recommendations?
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Sinister strike is a fairly worthless card even in a spell power deck (it will never trade for other cards). I don't like dalaran mage at all 1 damage for a three drop just isn't worth it. Sap in spell power deck isn't particularly useful as you're not so much trying to rush them down as control the board. Nightblade sucks, senjin shield master doesnt really fit in and I agree with kode on the assassins blade. Here's my rogue spell damage deck that I run in 3 star masters that does really well for me.

2x backstab
2x cold blood
2x southsea deckhand (1 drops are essential in pretty much every deck)
1x young priestess
2x eviscerate
2x shiv
2x defias ringleader
2x kobold geomancer
2x fan of knives
2x headcrack
2x questing adventurer (I believe this card is required for pretty much every rogue deck)
2x si:7 agent
2x ogre magi
2x assasinate
2x azure drake
1x sprint

the main goal of this deck isn't to put everything on the board at once (especially cards like kobold geomancer). You want to gain card advantage while removing your opponents minions until you're within striking range.
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