Hunter the Beast/Draw master deck.

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Hi guys i build a deck. I have a really nice win ratio with it. I made from lvl 10 to 24 lvl with only 2 lost games.

I would like to get some feedback form you guys. I'm quite new to hearthstone.
1st time i played and got a Snake Trap i thought it's quite useless, but I found a good use (IMO).
Combos great with both buzzards and hyenas. Give you sick draws and make Hyenas huge.
Deck has really strong board clear. I want to hear you opinion. (Sry for bad english. I haven't use it for a longer time)
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it lack direction; you have many many x1 card which is a big sign of lack of overall decision.Basically you have a bit of everything.
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Ok. When i play vs random opponent I think i need a deck that has everything. I don't know what kind of champ i will get as an enemy and what deck he will use. If it's bad tell me why ? Or what can i change to even improve it.
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If you play beasts you should stick with it. Leper Gnome, Shieldmasta, Lord of the Arena and the Ooze have no synergy with your deck. They may be somewhat useful cards, but not in a hunter beast deck. Well, *maybe* the Ooze but I am doing fine without it.

The Core Hound is crap, period. Add another Highmane, that thing is way better.

Is there a reason why you don't use Deadly Shot? You could drop one of your Multi-shots to have at least one.

The rest looks ok. Just keep playing it if you like it. I like to be versatile too when I play constructed.
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Yea i built the deck with cards that i own, getting new cards for free is quite slow. Currently i don't have deadly shots ( just need some dust ) And I'm sure about changing Core Hound (He is too situational, only good when you need to burst smbdy down or to trade) for Highmane or a one of the legendaries ( "The Beast" King Krush or Alextrasza)
Lepper gnome, hmmm yes. I think i should put Emperor Cobra at his place.

I use Taz'dingo and Lord of the Arena cuz there is no high HP lvl beast taunt. I can use the snapjaw + houndmaster but that needs 2 cards while i can have similar effect with 1.
And IMO taunts are a must have to get as many cards as you can from buzzards, or they force clearing spells form enemies.
Ooze, i use it to get rid of weapons like Gorehowl, Truesilver Champion, Gladiators Longbow.

Thank you for your feedback, i really appreciate it. :)
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