Some balance thoughts on Priests

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Shadow word pain and death are too good for the cost. Its basically free monster destruction no matter the health. The only thing you can't destroy with these 2 cards is minions with 4 attack.

Compared to other spells like polymorph and multishot priests are cheaper in mana and don't leave anything on the field.

Apart from this obviously the mind control is absurd, if the games comes to 8 mana points you basically can't play a powerful minion of risking mind control over it and you losing the game right there.

I feel like the best balance change would be to increase the cost by one to the shadow word pain by 1 mana point and shadow word death by 2 mana points.

Mind control I've heard from Blizzcon that it would be balanced to 10 mana points, but so far nothing. That spell is just ridiculous to deal with, its way too strong. Either make it 10 mana points or have a limit to the creatures attack that it can take. If the creature has 7 or more attack it shouldn't be able to mind control it.

Mind Blast is also quite powerful, I feel like compared to Mage's fireblast its way too cheap for what it does. Again this spell probably needs to be at least 1 more mana cost.
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So these balance issues are all nerfs to pretty !@#$ty cards. k.
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Shadow word pain and death are too good for the cost. Its basically free monster destruction no matter the health. The only thing you can't destroy with these 2 cards is minions with 4 attack.

First of all, SWP is not too good for cost; most low-minion removal spells cost 1-2. There's a few high-cost minion SWP can kill if they have fairly low attack (i.e. Fen Creeper), but it's not too many mobs; conversely though, you can't use SWP to knock out half the health of a minion like Frostbolt could. If a mob doesn't fit the criteria, SWP is simply worthless.

SWD is cheap as a removal spell but has a pretty severe limitation due to the 5 attack aspect. You would normally think 5 attack isn't high, but at least in the current meta, many decks don't even run minions with 5 attack anymore. This is partially due to Priests, but also partially because a lot of decks are rush decks; even if you're not playing a rush deck, it requires you to play a lower curve.

That being said, I'd actually get behind changing SWD to 4 attack and 4 mana (compared to 5-mana Assassinate, which can kill ANYTHING, this is arguably balanced). The funny thing is, people are complaining about "having" to run 4-attack minions to avoid SWD, despite the fact that they don't seem to compare about the other class's analogs like Hex, Polymorph, Assassinate, Soul Siphon, etc.

Humorously, I bet if you did a FLAT OUT buff of SWD to 4 attack without even changing the mana cost, I bet even people that don't play Priest would end up happier. I say it's humorous because people are complaining about the card, yet it's the fact that they give an opening to avoid it that people tend to feel like they have to (like I said, the versions that don't have restrictions, no one cares about). So it's funny that a flat out buff of the card would make people not even complain about it as much.
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*Kills minion above 5 HP -> Kills minion above 6HP
*Mind control 8 cost -> 10 cost
*Double Health -> Takes double damage from hero weapon damage.
*Cleric 1/3 -> Cleric 1/2

Normal Heal which gives 2hp -> Exactly the same except if you heal a minion you lose 1HP

There priest is now balanced.
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