Just started to play a Priest. Here is my deck, it is pretty common I think (standard removal and draw combo with cleric), but with my own two cents.

The deck http://imgur.com/XrfcHz5
The curve http://imgur.com/WWD6009


Priest spells (all x2)
1 Inner File (make creature stronger or incredibly strong)
1 Northshire Cleric (card draw combo, you know)
1 Power Word: Shield (pump and draw)
2 Divine Spirit (nice to keep key creatures in safe and combo with Inner Fire)
2 Shadow Word: Pain (removal)
3 Shadow Word: Death (removal)
3 Thoughtsteal (card draw from enemy deck, why not for 3 mana)
5 Holy Nova (wipe the board and heal)
6 Temple Enforcer (even better with Inner Fire)
8 Mindcontrol (can save the game)

3 Accolyte of Pain x2 (very good card draw, nice target to heal and triger Cleric card draw)
3 Imp Master x1 (fill board with annoying Imps, and heal target to draw from Cleric, can be pumped with Divine Spirit for longer fun)
4 Sen'jin Shieldmaster x2 (nice creature with taunt, good target for Inner Fire)
4 Spellbreaker x2 (for silence)
5 Gatgetzan x1 (for lategame card draw)

6 Hogger
7 Prophet Velen (it seems good, my I am in doubt is it solid)


And cards I think is good but cannot find the room:
2 Mind Blast (very good if you have Velen on board)
2 Ironbreak Own (cheaper silence than Spellbreaker)
2 Nat Pagle (card draw, but at random)
2 Novice Engineer (card draw, but useless creature)
2 Sunfury Protector (need more defence)
4 Defender of Argus (for defence)
4 Twighlight Drake (awecome when you on good card draw, but week to silence)
6 Argent Commander
6 Sunwalker

Maybe some guys with enlarge:
2 Amany Berserker
3 Tauren Warrior

And I think I need more defence.

Any suggestions?