Twisting Nether too expensive to cast

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I realize it wipes the board clean, but considering it destroys YOUR OWN minions too, 8 mana just seems a bit harsh. It's practically unplayable, especially when you consider how most board wipes only hit your enemy. It should be a lot closer to 6 to cast, like other one-sided wipes. Or even 5 >_<

Well not only that but provided your opponent already has a decent hand going or even a slightly better hand than you it doesn't matter because you just reset the game except you're a tempo or two behind. I mean taking the cost down to 6 or 7 would be much more manageable. But using this in general is suicide.
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The main problem I have with it, is that it's hard to get good value out of it compared to other board wipes.

For example, if you're opponent has a board full of minions, it's either full of small minions, which Hellfire or Shadowflame can most likely kill anyway. Or it's full of large minions, which means they've been building it up over several turns (and won't have played out their hand, meaning they still have tempo and the damage they've dealt in intervening turns...) and you've not using single-target removal like Siphon Soul or whatever.

Or they played Onyxia.

To be sure, there are situations it can be useful in. But it feels too niche to me. I don't think it should be 6, but I could see it going to 7.

Alternatively, if Warlocks got some CC effects (preventing minions from attacking or something) maybe from "Fear" or "Howl of Terror" or something then it could become a strong card as it is currently. You could at least prevent some of the damage/effectiveness of minions while they load up their field.

Of course, people hate Mages who are more or less able to do this, so it might not be good to have that capability for Warlocks... which is why I'd rather see Twisting go down to 7. It'd still be comber-some to be sure, but it would be easier to at least get value out of it.
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How about keep it 8 mana but for every minion killed you gain 1 life, one issue I find with the warlock class is a lack of healing, drain life and siphon soul are ok, sacrificial pact is crap unless its a mirror match.
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I could get behind that change Rayden, and Sacrificial Pact should honestly be removed from the game. It's complete crap or completely overpowered (usually the former), and neither of those is good for the game.
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I did have some ideas how to change Sacrificial pact but I wasn't sure if it would make them overpowered or not. One would be to change the spell completely to a secret and make it so when your demon takes fatal damage sacrifice it and you gain 5 life or maybe the maximum life of the demon. Another was to keep it as it is except when you target a demon you reduce its life total to one keeping the demon alive still and gaining the difference in life, basically you would gain 4 life if you used it on a felguard that hasn't been damaged yet, what do you think?
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