Please fix Perdition's blade (equipping)

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Hello, can you please fix the way summoning Perdition's Blade works for the Rogue class in Hearthstone?

I've just started learning Rogue. I've shot myself several times by accident when equipping Perdition's Blade - even when I am focusing not to do so. I feel the mechanic currently is a bit confusing. If you equip it, the first thing you click is the first thing it hits, so if by accident you equip it and then select your character to attack - it's already too late, you've just shot yourself.

Instead, can you please make it so that after equipping the blade, the weapon slot would just give a fiery glow animation to indicate that a fireball is ready to be used - aside from your character glowing animation (indicating that your character is able to attack).

I've tried searching to see if a post like this exists but I've only found other people whom laugh about shooting themselves by accident.

It's a pretty silly mistake to make, I know - but it really is confusing to me - especially after playing other weapon based characters like Warrior - where you have to click your guy and then click another card or player to attack.

OR... another option could be to remove the possibility to shoot oneself with it. I haven't really given too much thought as of why it is important to have the ability to shoot oneself (other than for messing around)... so if someone knows another reason, please do share.

Although some may view this issue as trivial - I feel like it is an important issue to address. Especially to any of the new Rogue players whom are in a close fight and accidentally make this mistake and shoot themselves and ultimately lose because of it.

Thank you for reading & considering my concern.

- Sitrep
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this has to be one of the most ridiculous post ive ever read, apart from ppl fireballing themselves the the face, now this? trololol
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cant stop laughing
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In the first 2 or 3 times using the card, that actually happened to me as well, they could make it work as SI:7, at least would probably make it less likely to happen. Though after a few games you should be used to the card.
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This is so awesome! i can't even concentrate reading because I'm laughing my !@# off so hard..

I got to be honest though, i did this to my self one time and thats how I learned.

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Played against a guy in arena who had 3 perditions blades, hit himself every single time.
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how do you get 3 perdition card when you can only have x2?
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You can have more than 2 of each card in arena :)
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i hit myself more than 5 times so far. There is something wrong with the way it works.
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I've hit myself with a Frostbolt once because I decided to not cast it and wanted to put it back in my hand.
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All of you laughing clearly dont know how this weapon works, normally with any weapon you place it on the screen/on top of your character but as soon as this blade hovers in any vicinity of your character you get the red circle, dropping it by accident or moving your finger off your mouse for 0,1seconds and boom you have just hit yourself in the face.

I dont see how you can do this if you concentrate though, not did it once myself
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I almost lost an arena game because of hitting myself with the Perdition Blade effect. Please Blizzard, even though this seems minute, make it so you really have to try to hit yourself. Only reason I see why you would be able to do it, is to summon molten giants.
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