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I'm currently using the following deck below and although it's working pretty well for me, I would love suggestions for making it stronger.

Thank you,


0 Hunters Mark
1 Arcane Shot
1 Timber Wolf
2 Freezing Trap
2 Misdirection
2 Snake Trap
2 Snipe
2 Scavenging Hyena
2 Starving Blizzard (x2)
3 Animal Companion (x2)
3 Deadly Shot
3 Kill Command
4 Multi Shot
4 Chillwind Yeti
4 Gnomish Inventor
4 Houndmaster (x2)
4 Senjin ShieldMasta
4 Stormwind Knight
5 Explosive Shot
5 Darkscale Healer
5 Frostwolf Warlord
5 Gurubashi Beserker
5 Tundra Rhino
6 Boulderfist Ogre
6. Gelbin Mekkatorque
7. Gladiator's Longbow
7. Stormwind Champion
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In my opinion, you don't have a clear purpose or strategy with this deck, you just have a bunch of random cards thrown together without much synergy. I'm not sure what your card reserves look like, but I'm sure you can fix it up a bit.

Hunter is all about board control, whether your playing the UTH One turn Kill strategy, or my personal favorite, the Non-UTH constant board pressure strategy.

Therefore, for example, I'm not sure why you have Darkscale Healer, Gurubashi Beserker, Boulderfist Ogre, or Gelbin Mekkatorque as too many high level monsters don't synergize well with Hunter.


Boulderfist Ogre + Gurubashi Beserker ----> Savannah Highmane x2
Stormwind Knight + Frostwolf Warlord ---> River Crocalisk x2
Gnomish Inventor ----> Scavenging Hyena
Freezing Trap ----> Another Kill Command
Misdirection ----> Eaglehorn Bow
Tundra Rhino + Gelbin Mekkatorque ----> Ironfur Grizzly x2
Hunters Mark ----> Another Deadly Shot
Snipe ----> Oasis Snapjaw

Many of these cards are hard to find (Savannah Highmane, Eaglehorn Bow, and snake trap are some prime examples) therefore I can tell you substitutes for them if you want, because personally I don't have them and have had to substitue some other cards at the moment, but that doesn't mean you just throw in random ones which it looks like you did, you can still maintain synergy. Feel free to ask me the reasoning behind any of these swaps, and I can link you to a great thread that has a Non-UTH deck that I'm modeling mine off of while I grab all the cards to complete it, as there are others that can help but are hard to find such as King Krush.
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Hi Times,

Thanks for the feedback. I put that deck together early on. It did carry me to 3 star silver, but now wanting to obviously make it a much stronger deck.

I was able to craft Eaglehorn Bow and Savannah Highmane.

However, I would still appreciate the reasoning behind the swaps and if you could explain more about the reasoning behind putting together a solid deck and which cards are not good swaps, etc, I'd appreciate it.

I'm new to this type of card game(never played Magic) so I'm still trying to learn.

Also, Is King Krush a solid drop? Or is he really not worth it? I was hoping at some point to include him in my deck, either by eventually crafting him or getting him in a deck.

Thank you for any links and any additional information.

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Sure, I don't mind explaining the swaps at all. Here's a link to another well known hunter who uses a simlar deck to mine

But yeah, basically the goal of using HUnter is to maintain map control till it's save to combo your monsters, specifically Buzzard, Scavenging Hyena, Houndmaster.

Hey add me in-game and we'll talk there, it's not easy to just explain more just repetitions to find out the good combos ^_^. Maybe we could use skype or something along those lines to communciate, add me and we'll talk about it.
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