Faerie Dragon/Snake trap combo

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I'm new to the forums(posting anyway) so please be gentle;>

I was wondering if this might work well to simple get more seasoned players to trigger snake trap to at least be able to use it to pump up a Scavenging Hyena?

Whenever I play a player that seems to have a good working knowledge of the Hunter decks I can have a heck of a time to get them to trigger a snake trap for any use what so ever. Let alone for the classic Starving Buzzard combo. Even if I play it a turn or 2 early to try, or in a group of 2-3 traps at the same time, before putting the Buzzard out(or Hyena) the mere presence of either of those cards makes them only use spell removal and can really dork up my plans....doh!

I've ran Leper Gnome, Treasure Horder, and this butterfly thingy in one of my decks and I like it a little better than the Ooze. Keeping the gnomes in is nice unavoidable damage/card draw(whick I am always in need of it seems.

Has anyone else here used the Faerie Dragon to help with the Snake Trap before? Is it a little more consistent?
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This will certainly result in more triggers of the trap, though you still have to watch out for:
AoE Damage
Battlecry Damage
Them throwing up a taunt and ignoring the Dragon.
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Snake Trap is just too situational to be really good card. It's easy to check for and when you get the snakes out you need something to use them for. Also, you don't really control when the trap goes off and that's a bad quality for a situational card.

That said, Fairie Dragon is a good alterntive to get this trap to trigger. Bad thing is that then you need to have a way to use the snakes or you should have just played 2 drop Minion.
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It should result in more triggers but what will you do with 3 snakes and a dragon? To combo it with the Buzzard is a bad idea imho. You need 3 2 mana cards to pull off this combo. Playing it over several turns is extremly risky and you have no synergy with the dragon. Feels like an all-in.
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Could combo it with Cult Master and Hyena after you get the trap released.
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