Help/advice on my hunter deck

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I tried to build a beast deck w/ this one.

All of the decks I've played hunter feels the best for me, however I don't have a good win-rate with this deck.
I usually try to save my low HP beasts and buff beasts to the moments when I have taunt(s) up, but am kind of in a bad spot when opponent has table full of minions as I just don't have the board clear to get rid of the things....

I don't have most of the rare/epic cards and crafting takes a long while as I just don't have the dust. So please keep that in mind with recommendations. And if I would craft I would prefer to start from class specific cards rather then the neutral, but if anything is that good I might look into crafting that.

Hunter cards which I have atmo on top of the basic ones:;239:2;344:2;

Also which would be easy for me to craft (would take a while, but meh);363:2;447:2;553:2;630:2;
The rest cards are bit out of my reach.

So any tips and/or advice would be really nice. Specially how good or how worth are trap cards or does the direct damage like multishot and arcane shot are worth to have in a deck or should those be replaced by something else.
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Silverback is crap. You can't trade with it or deal damage, it will just stall the enemy for one turn without doing anything.

I would add 1 or 2 Deadly Shots (preferably 2). This card may look random but it is really strong. You can often use it when your enemy has only one minion or you are able to kill most of his other minions.

Explosive Trap is good against rush decks. Your deck is pretty aggressive itself so you might not need it.

Hunter's Mark is nice but very situational and you still have to trade 2 for 1. I would probably replace it with Explosive Trap or Snake Trap.

Snake Trap is the next thing. You really want this card. It's ridiculously strong in a beast deck. It's expensive to craft but I would recommend at least one.

Arcane Shot is ok. You can combo it with Hunter's Mark since you got two of these in your deck.

Multi-Shot is nice but I like Explosive Shot a little bit more. But that is not very important imho.

I guess you have some problems in the early game. You have 6 2 drops but you don't really want to play any of those on turn 2. A 2/2 for 2 will not trade very well in most games. You might want to consider replacing the Dire Wolf Alphas with Raptors. If you want to be more aggressive you could also remove the Houndmaster(s) or Ironfur(s), but I would definitely add some "real" 2 drops.
But it looks like a pretty solid basic deck overall.
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Thanks PsYcHoO, will try to craft as much as I can.

And idd my problem is the start of the matches.

Raptor for Direwolf is a good idea, specially if one has to play something. On top of that if I start to think at the beginning the Wolf's bonus will go to waste anyway as one doesn't have any minions to boost.

What is the general thought on the Ironbeak Owl and the silence? It seems like perfect for getting rid of taunts and stuff, but at the same time it is a rather week beast to use offensively.

Explosive shot I guess can be used when one has even 1 enemy minion to face against, which makes it better probably and will replace Multishot when I get the cards.

I guess it would be decent idea to replace Silvebacks with Deadly shot? And eventually Hunter's Mark w/ Snake trap?

Only one certain change I can do is Raptor in and Direwolf out. I guess the next logical step if get the cards would be start replacing the Silvebacks w/ something? I will get Deadly Shot probably instead of those.
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The Owl is nice, but you will have another unplayable 2 drop for turn 2. It depends on the type of deck you are trying to build. Your enemy will probably have only one creature at a time in the early game. If it is a big taunt, just use Deadly Shot (a Shieldmasta on turn 4 for example). I love to use the Owl later in the game when I can finish my opponent but he puts up a *really* big taunt.

I like to have both Multi-Shot and Explosive Shot in my deck, but only one of each. But that is just my personal preference. They both excel in different situations, but having more than 2 "multi" removals feels a bit much. That would be a totally different story if wanted to play a control hunter.

I would recommend to replace the Silverbacks with Deadly Shot. But if you want to be more aggressive you could also replace the Silverbacks with Jungle Panthers and replace the Hunter's Marks with the Deadly Shots. It depends on the type of deck you want to play.
Hunter's Mark may seem the logical choice for an aggressive deck with lots of small minions since it is free, but you don't want to use all your minions for trading in the early game. The worst thing for an aggressive deck is an empty board on your side.
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