Thoughts on the hunter's reliance on beast

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The hunter is my favorite class in wow and in hearthstone alike.

I think that the reliance on beast sub-type of minions is a weakness for the hunter because most of the beasts are weaker minions than their non-beast counterpart.

- They are relatively inferior to similar mana cost minions
Ex: Bloodfen Raptor as vanilla card is inferior to other 3/2, 2 mana with abilities
The beast I consider good intrinsically are Emperor Cobra, King Krush, Savannah Highmane, Stampeding Kodo and the 3 beasts created by the spells Animal Companion (which are terrific).

- They use card that rely on other beasts to be potent. This has the effect of weakening the deck to creates successful conditions for those cards.
Ex: Hound Master, Timber Wolf, Scavenging Hyena, Starving Buzzard and Thundra Rhino for minions.
Bestial Wrath, Unleash The Hounds (which is a fairly weak card outside of being part of a one-turn kill combo hence its low mana cost) and Kill Command for spells.

The great effect those cards have is downplayed by the fact that you need lesser version of minions to be effective. While it may looks like striking balance on the surface, I think it is bad for the hunter class.

I think that one of the most important principles in deck building is that every card most be worthy of its spot on the deck on its own virtues AND must works well with other cards in the deck.
That's just not the case for the hunter.
No person in it's right mind will put a Bloodfen Raptor in its deck instead of a Knife Juggler!
It's actually the kind of choice the hunter is facing on every pick.

I have been successful in arena with the hunter the day I told myself to draft good card instead of drafting beast card. I try to apply the same thing in constructed, but I can't because of the relatively weaker state of the beasts minion and the high dependency on beast the hunter has to be effective.

I am guessing that the designer are purposely designing beast minions to be weaker fearing that would make the hunter too powerful.
If that's the case, I think it is a really bad things to do.

As a solution, I would suggest to make beast minions better even if it means to weaken some hunter effect that are beast specific so that beast would be really solid choice in any deck.
Maybe lower the number of cards that depends on beasts to be effective.

What do you think folks?
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I agree with your point. However i believe at this point, it would require to much work to fix the class reliance on beast. Warlocks don't rely on demons to be effective, however it seems hunter do indeed relay upon beasts to effectively use most of their cards. This is a limitation no other class has. In return the class gets the UtH combo I guess.

If it is indeed to much rework to fix the class reliance on beasts, then leave it alone, and just make the next hunter hero actually balanced. That is if new heroes have separate spells.

I have thought of a hunter control deck, that would be just annoying to play against. All control, just use the hero power to slowly win games. however the card list seems pretty expensive to make.
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The only thing that prevents a hunter from using the same minions as everybody else (Argent Commander, Defender of Argus, Shattered Sun Clreic) is the Buzzard. The hunter is the only class that relies on a "tribe" to draw cards. No other class has a restriction like that.
Well maybe Kill Command is another reason but you could live without it.

I am experimenting with a neutral hunter deck right now and I got some decent results with a Cult Master + Snake Trap combo. That's a bit like a reverse Buzzard :D
Snake Trap is pretty funny with two Knife Jugglers too. It's like a machine gun!

You still run out of cards pretty quick so you are somewhat inferior to all the other classes.
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