Too many cards from northshire cleric

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I've seen priests do so many things with this card o.o;

a 1 mana --> 1/3 + card draw?

I'm screaming IMBA.

Any other 1 mana cards that do this? o.o acolyte of pain
It's a 3 drop for card draw. .

Almost every hearthstone card that has "draw a card"
tends to have one stat lower than the mana crystal it costs

Gnomish Inventor 4 drop for 2 attack 4 hp
Novice Engineer 2 drop for 1 attack 2 hp
Hammer of Wrath, 4 drop 3 damage ONE CARD
Azure drake 5 drop, 4 attack 4 hp
Arcane intellect 3 drop 2 cards

I don't understand why the northshire cleric, isn't 1 for a 1/2 or 1 for a 0/3

It's RARE to see a card that offers more health than it's mana cost.

Possible arguments that northshire cleric ISN'T OP.
She only has 3hp, what spell at 1 mana would clear her off board?

A murloc with charge 2/1 would die instantly, The only way I see it being cleared is if you are a druid with a magical moonfire and a 2/1 charge.

There's no "mana efficient" way to clear out a 1 mana for 3 hp in the first place, even throwing down a 3/2 raptor costs 2 mana
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Doesn't help the fact that they stack as well, get a couple Clerics on the field and you're never going to run out of cards.
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It gives me too many cards and I get the fatigue.
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I'd say make her a 0/3 considering that healing any minion will draw cards. So if you have a big taunt card for example or any other minion that wasn't killed in one hit that's free card draw. It would also encourage using the cleric in a more intelligent way rather than just dropping it turn 1 with very little retaliation.
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Oh shoosh. It's the only early play a priest really has. You want to whine about crappy one-drops, funnel your rage at Blood Imp, Fire Imp or Void Walker - you know, the things a 'Lock uses to punch in the face of a Priest by turn five,
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It gives me too many cards and I get the fatigue.

A Priest lasts to draw out his deck? Never.
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But you only get a card if a minion is healed... thus early game it should not be a worry of taking it out early, really should not be played that early by a good priest.. If it is played early game, say turn 1, then you attack and then his turn 2 he has the option of healing and drawing a card thus using all mana and ending turn, or laying another card down.. So to benefit from the card it is best used later and not that early and if used early its not really a big threat imo.
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Just kill it. It is the easiest draw card to deal with. Most draw cards, like arcane intellect, don't give you the option to prevent the player from drawing extra cards. The draw back to it is, if you ignore the cleric, its going to hurt you in the long run.

If a priest draws a cleric on turn 1 and you kill it before he can use it to draw cards, you probably have the upper hand.
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