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Hi everyone, I've recently hit the master 3 in normal games and I've been surprised to see how much people are in this case too, so it maybe doesn't prove anything but I've got a little idea of what I'm doing with my rogue deck.
But anyway I wanted to show you the deck that I made with the help of the puffin's rogue deck which has been played during a live this morning !

*By the way I just want to give ideas to beginners and / or have suggestions about the deck.
**Card's name followed by a star is a card which can be (and has to be sometimes) removed by an another one.


Link (easier) :;87:2;92:1;128:2;280:2;286:1;378:2;382:2;385:1;395:1;417:2;434:2;435:2;463:2;471:2;473:1;503:1;542:2;577:1;


0 Backstab x2
1 Deadly poison x2
1 Cold blood
2 Sap
2 Eviscerate x2
3 Fan of Knives x2


2 Defias Ringleader x2
3 SI:7 Agent


1 Argent Squire *
1 Abusive Sergeant *
2 Loot Hoarder
2 Novice Engineer * x2
3 Shattered Sun Cleric x2
4 Spellbreaker *
4 Defender of Argus x2
4 Dark Iron Dwarf x2
5 Azure Drake x2
6 Argent Commander x2
8 Ragnaros

Cards to add :

2 Bloodmage Thalnos
4 Leeroy Jenkins (Leeeeeeeeeerooy Jenkins!)



+ A good amount of mana drop (Argent Squire / Defias Ringleader)
+ A constant amount of blast / rush / drop card
+ A hard board control if you keep it with your hero power in the early turns
+ Maximum of damage with spells + spell power + minions buffed + Ragnaros
+ Nice board's clear spell with Fan of Knives (against blood imp etc.)


- Not so much taunt without defender of argus
- No way to get back into a cleared board without argent commander / spellbreaker
- Not cheap
- No chicken and again we see the Cleric and the Dwarf ! :'(

Early :

Play a backstab or a coin if you have and drop your Defias Ringleader. It will make a big pression to your oppenent and if it's not a Mage or a Drood you will have the board control for a long time.
If you have no Argent Squire or a Draw card, go for a Dagger to clear the board.
As the Kithros deck you will have a lot of Draw cards to be able to play a large amount of minions so play what you can play.
Don't be also affraid to loose life or / use a lot of your hero power, it's a normal way to keep your side board.

Mid game (5th turn) :

At this moment, you certainely get the Azure Drake, play it. Like that you'll own a card on your board, 4/4 which adds +1SP and can be buffed. Next turn play the Argent Commander to rush the ennemie(s) and buff your Drake, else play an Eviscerate or a Cold Blood to deal the maximum you can.

End game (10th turn) :

If you have a good board side -> go for Ragnaros or spells to finish !
If you have no way to go back into the game -> against a priest it will be very hard, so pray to hit with Ragnaros the good oppenent. Else, good luck !

Well ! I think it's a bit long but I wanted to make another deck to help people in the normal games and hit the master 3 with rogue. I thank you for reading this thread, and wish you a nice day !
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Posts: 3
Hey there,

I just wanted to say thanks. I'm playing HearthStone for a few months, but I never really played rogue before (even before the defias and class power nerf). Unfortunately my daily requiered me to win 5 matchs as a rogue (or a warrior) today, I was afraid to endure a long pain while doing it.

I'm lucky to have found a blood mage Thalnos in one of my booster, and I've recently crafted Ragnaros, so I thought I might give your deck a try. It turned out really great, I've just replaced the Loot Hoarder by the blood mage, and I won 5 matchs out of 8.

Again, thanks! Have a nice day too (and pardon my rough english as it's not my native language).
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