Turn Mind Control into "Shadow" Control

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The nerf to 10 mana doesn't really change much. We've seen plenty of Priests stall out past Turn 10, and then take your crush your last hope with this card.

On top of that, I have a pet-peeve with "Shadow Madness".
It doesn't list out that it lets you attack with it. No "Charge" is given, and no other MC effect does this.

So, how about we make things consistent while making Mind Control make people less likely to punch their monitors? Two-birds-one-stone.

Shadow Madness text changed to:

Gain control of an enemy minion with 3 or less Attack and grant it charge until end of turn.

Mind Control changed to Shadow Control:

8 cost
Gain control of an enemy minion and grant it charge until the end of your opponent's turn.

Being 8 cost, I felt it would be more fitting to let you hold onto the stolen minion until the end of their turn, to give it more flexibility, such as using it to steal a taunt.


Note: If your problem with this idea is that it's a nerf, just stop.
Nerfing one card means other cards can be buffed - That's how balance SHOULD work.
Edited by JunCurium on 12/7/2013 11:03 AM PST
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I think Mind Control should be a status debuff that can be silenced off. If this change was made Mind Control's mana cost wouldn't need to change. Let's say fro instance they mind control Ysera, now I have to silence it and now I have a 4/12 brick, but at least I have said 4/12 brick and not him. Mind Control is so game breaking because it has no counter play, mainly because of all the control priests have, so the best way to remedy its overwhelming game influence, make it a debuff. I don't feel like this would break Mind Control's power, either, because it forces you to silence or otherwise deal with your own card, and the priest still has another Mind Control and bombs of their own, overall the priest would be making you burn a very useful silence on your own minion.
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