Help vs aggro warlock

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I am Master2 and i have a lot of issue vs aggro warlock. There is nothing i can do if i don't get good/perfect early draw.

I'm playing with this deck (not my creation) :

2x Backstab
2x Deadly Poison
2x Eviscerate
2x Defias Ringleader
2x Loot Hoarder
2x Novice Engineer
2x Fan of Knives
2x Harvest Golem
2x Shattered Sun Cleric
2x SI:7 Agent
2x Dark Iron Dwarf
2x Defender of Argus
2x Gnomish Inventor
2X Azure Drake
2x Argent Commander

Do u have any idea to make this deck work better vs aggro warlock pls?
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I would drop the Azure Drakes and replace with Argent Squires or Leper Gnomes. Now you have 1 drops to start combos and early minions to combat aggression.
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Ty for your help i'm gonna try that.

More advice are welcome ofc.
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Loot horder + novice engineer is probably too redundant. It's good draw, but it lacks impact. Probably choose one or the other.

I personally prefer blade flurry over FOK. Yes, you lose card draw, but you get direct hero damage. Pressuring locks with direct damage has a big impact on their play.

Also consider twilight drake or yeti instead of gnomish inventor. Again, you're losing card draw but these will have much more impact.

Without a ton of card draw, you have to be much more careful about your pace. Make good trades with your weapon. Use your life as a resource to save mana and cards.

But aggro lock is probably second only to mage right now, so everyone is having trouble against them :)
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I would think about dropping the Loot Hoarders for Fairie Dragon.

Some other changes to consider is dropping Azure Drakes for Leper Gnomes and dropping Gnomish Inventor for Argent Squire. This helps shore up your early game greatly.

I would then consider dropping one/or both Fan of Knives for Perdition's Blade/Assassinate.

In my deck(very similar) I dropped 1 copy of Defender of Argus for a Blade Flurry.

Good luck!
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Too much battlecry draw. Drop the loot hoarders as they are mage, druid, and rogue power bait. Not to mention deathcoil. Use abusive sergeant, leper gnome, or argent squire instead. Also consider an ironbeak owl.

Shieldmasta is a good choice to counter that as shadow bolt cannot kill it in 1 hit.
Consider Thalnos + fan of knives.
Cairne is a great anti-warlock card as no hex or polymorph to deal with and warlocks tend to favor damage over silence, also it is a killer card to combo with sunfury protector or defender of argus.

Cards like conceal, kidknapper, and master of disguise mesh well with the cards you've selected. I think the master of disguise is a lot more versitile than people realize. Leeroy Jenkins + master of disguise = awesome.

What sucks here is that no matter what change you make to better yourself against a warlock or other aggro deck, it will detract from your ability to beat traditional spellpower mages. However the increasing popularity of frost mages is a boon to rogues as stealth is a good counter.
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considering the one drops are not as good vs every other class. i dunno i have problems with aggro lock too
i dont think its worth it seeing as i dont play that many at my rank
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