Priests need major nerfs.

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Priests are autowins for me most of the time. I don't even have problems with the infamous Turn 1 Northshire Cleric. It's a L2P issue, Priests force you to think and plan ahead a bit more - and if you can't do this, it only speaks about your own skill.
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im not bad at this game. i just dont want to haveto run Silence in every deck ffs.. the game is boring enough as it is without having to run the SAME 5-10 cards in every !@#$ing deck!!!


Then you're bad at the game. Sorry, saying "I'm not bad at the game, I just don't want to have to construct a deck with answers to all sorts of dangerous enemy plays" is a contradiction. If you don't want to play well - which includes building a good deck to play well - then you are choosing to be bad. Being bad by choice is still being bad.
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12/03/2013 02:00 AMPosted by SaVaGeOnE
Wtf am i meant to do about a 1-36 Taunt mob as a Paladin? the ONLY cards that can deal with that is Equality and thats IF i run it in my deck and silence, but why do i HAVETO work around the priest deck only with my deck?.

I stopped reading here and I am not going to read the rest of thread but I am going to answer you'r question, so listen up:

Paladin specific ways to deal with a large phatty are Aldor Peacekeeper and Humility. I generally run at least the Peacekeepers in my Pally decks.

In addition/or as replacement for Peacekeeper you also have access to Spellbreaker(and Ironbeak Owl) as a means to combat wombo combo'd phat.

This is a total of(up to) 8 hard counters(if you run two copies of each Spellbreaker, Owl, Humility and Peacekeeper).

The more control oriented Paladin deck that I run sports 2 copies of Aldor Peacekeeper and 1 Spellbreaker. I find that I generally am prepared to control most non-sense that you described.

P.s. Priest is in a pretty horrible spot right now since a lot of newer folks view them as over-powered when they are in fact very under-whelming.
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Priest is fun as long as sdumbass players dont play the same !@#$ all the time .. lightwell.. double health and dmg bonus cards... gasp .. l2p and get some more iq..
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I feel like i have to build my deck to specifically counter priests by putting in 4 attack minions and Silences and Equality. JUST for priests, no other class has this power over people, its stupid.

It turns out, these are the best minions in the game. You should be using them regardless.
Azure Drake, Dark Iron Dwarf, Spellbreaker, Chillwind Yeti, and the king of them all, Argent Commander.
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I feel like I'm just reading a bunch of children insulting each other instead of an actual discussion. Good to see that the elitist attitude of the starcraft forums are leaking into this one.
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Let's make a forum rule moving forward... Any new forum posts with the title containing, Priests + nerf, OP, MC = perma-ban from the internet!

Until next patch of course, then we can talk more about this as changes will have been made that will hopefully add more balance.
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nothing any of you said relates to my post.

WHY does every other class have to build a deck JUST to counter priests???

That in itself screams NERF MORE

It is in the nature of all games like this that you must consider strong and popular decks/comps that you will go up against.

So yes. You do have to design your deck to counter priests. You also need to build it to counter one-turn-kill hunters, control mages, burn mages, aggro rogues, paladins, aggro locks, and rush-down warriors. Building a deck that can deal with this variety of threats is one of the balancing acts that make these games so interesting for a lot of people.

If you are genuinely running into this priest combo so often, I'd recommend some of the following counters:

Crazed Alchemist
Big Game Hunter
Emperor Cobra
Faceless Manipulator
Frost Elemental (gives you more time to draw removal/silence)
bounces (sap, freezing trap, kidnapper)
any hard-removal (hex, assassinate, polymorph, etc)
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Every deck should have a silence. It counters ANY taunters, ANY buffed minions, and ANY legendaries(Except Rag). You ever fight against a Tirion or Ysera without a silence? It sucks
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12/03/2013 02:06 AMPosted by Silverfox
Ironbeak Owl

Ironbeak Owl sucks, use spell breaker.
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Play a priest for a while and you will learn their strengths and weaknesses.

Trust me, I've been where you were too, I complaining about priest being OP long time ago. The best advices I can give you are:

1. Play priest and learn their strengths and weaknesses as the quote suggests.
2. Focus on enemy creatures. Kill off their creatures fast and swift and do not allow them to have a single creature on the board every single turn. Priests are stuck and pretty screwed if they have nothing on the board to heal/buff.
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hate to tell u this but paladin is better than priest... by a long shot
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im not bad at this game. i just dont want to haveto run Silence in every deck ffs.. the game is boring enough as it is without having to run the SAME 5-10 cards in every !@#$ing deck!!!


If you don't run a deck with a silence then you are just leaving yourself wide open to be dominated upon and frustrated. There isn't a single deck that can't be combatted by silencing their heavy hitters. Priest decks like you describe are built around super buffing a minion or two, but those buffs are all nullified back to useless with a silence. I did just that to win an Arena match as a Pally earlier and I don't even normally play that class so it was a turnaround based on skill and knowledge of the use of a silence.
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You have got to be kidding me... Priests are NOT competitive at high level play. Priests need a buff, if anything.
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Mages, warlocks, rogues.
Thats OP
Not priests lol
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In fact, as a Priest, it's almost impossible for me to beat a Paladin with a properly built deck.

It's absolutely irritating to be dropped in a match because a Paladin spams 1/1 creatures the entire game while also having stunning board clear, direct damage, card draw, weapons, and healing.
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equality card
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i think the only thing thats op about priest is mc, but i guess the nerf will fix it.
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I think from the what I hear about priests it's just an unfun class to play against and even with people auto conceding games to avoid the unfun the priest still has a poor winrate (although tournament stats =/= pub stats as anyone who has played rikimaru in a dota 2 pubstomp can attest)

So in the end I conclude priest stomps pubs but isn't too great at the competitive level due to the more aggro meta.

Blizzard could do something like with rts games where you could opt out of one or two competitive maps. In this case opt out of playing against one or two classes. Ofc this would lead to things like control priest/shaman just opting to not play hunters. Or people just opting out of priest/hunter in general ;p
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The thing isn't that Priests are overpowered. They are just the most toxic and anti-fun to play against. Doesn't matter if you win or lose, the game is always a painful ,drawn-out suck-fest.
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