Advice on rogue deck?

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I've recently started playing some rogue and have been having a blast with the fun/tricky playstyle. I don't think my deck is very good however, so I'm looking to construct a new one. The expert rogue cards I have are; Shadowstep, Conceal, Cold Blood, Blade Flurry, Eviscerate and Master Of Disguise, only one of each. I have around 500 arcane dust but am willing to disenchant my epics from other classes to craft more rogue cards, what are the must haves for a rogue deck? Any expert neutral cards I should look to acquire?

Deck lists of your own or general tips/specific card recommendations would be awesome! :D
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From what I've seen with my deck... SI:7 Agent is HUGE and useful in just about any Rogue deck you can think up. Also, if you want a weapon deck, then at least one Perdition's Blade is usually required - but the strengths of weapon-based Rogue decks is fairly debatable. I don't have one, personally, but I wouldn't cry if I saw it come falling out of a pack. I like the idea of Stealth in this game, but with the meta being so AoE heavy right now, Stealth isn't nearly as good as it should be... perhaps in the future it'll be fun again, we'll see...

Some folks love Headcrack - especially if you're interested in building a Spell Damage Rogue deck, but I don't have one and it's a bit of a niche card. Defias Ringleader is excellent and well worth it for a wide range of Rogue decks and Eviscerate is also pretty must-have. Neutral cards like Dark Iron Dwarf, Defender of Argus, and Argent Commander are huge right now, and the Harvest Golem is a solid, cheap neutral that works well in lots of Rogue decks. But it all really depends on the kind of deck you're trying to construct. Hope that helps.
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Don't mean to bring back an old thread but, for future reference I'll just put this here;

I'd say go for the low cost, quick damage kind of cards. When I play rogue I like to keep the pressure on the other person, being able to get out all kinds of high damage cards really throws them off and panics them, especially early on. So when they've got the mana they go straight away for high defense with taunts, which is where you use basic cards like assassinate, sap, vanish etc. It's all about getting them into a false sense of security by getting them to play their strongest cards as early as they can, to try and counter your high damage output.

So whatever expert cards you've got I'd say prioritize the high damage, low health but low cost cards to get at their health, and let your basic spells deal with their strong minions. Always go for basic charge stuff like Bluegill Warriors, Wolf Riders etc to get you putting damage on them straight away. If a taunt comes up or a strong damage enemy early on and you don't wanna waste your spells, then throw your minions on them instead, and use your weapon to keep up the damage on the hero's health.

This is just how I play but, it works for me. Especially against priests, makes them waste their 2 mana every turn so they can heal up, means less minions to deal with early to mid game.
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