Stop playing Arena with Mage.

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Arent you guys ashamed playing mage? Why arent you guys ashamed? Why do you guys keep on picking Mage?
Dont you guys have the "Mage is kinda broken in Arena, i shouldnt pick it" attitude?
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Just played a mage with 4 fireballs and 5 arcane missiles literately nothing i could do i just blantly lost
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01/15/2014 04:15 PMPosted by SmartShot
Just played a mage with 4 fireballs and 5 arcane missiles literately nothing i could do i just blantly lost

Mage is balanced around Fireball being an overpowered card (all classes have overpowered cards; Fireball is a clear one for mage). This works out relatively well in constructed, but in Arena, it leaves the potential for an overpowered deck when you get a large number of them. The same would be true of, for example, a Rogue deck that grabbed 4 Eviscerates, or at least before the nerf, a Priest deck that got 4 Mind Controls (not that Mind Control isn't still a really good card, but at some point taking too many of it would push your curve too high).

That's just the way Arena is unfortunately. The game is random, not all decks are equal.
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You CANT build a deck just to counter a Mage. It doesn't work. Its hard enough winning against mages. Mage is too easy to play.

Op... come on... sometimes you win , sometimes <you lose... Mage wiped the floor with me. Now what??? Everyone should make a post crying about it... LoL
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Its still a problem. Stop playing Arena with Mage.
Losing games because i play Minions is wrong.
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Mages are quite powerful in arena. Why?

  • Flamestrike is a common
  • Frostbolt is a common
  • Fireball is a common
  • Polymorph is a common
  • Some classes don't even have that many removal spells let alone really good and at the common level.

  • Best drafting hero power
  • If you have the choice, always pick a mage in arena.
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    Honestly multiple fireballs and arcane missiles don't really bother me.

    Missiles are random and don't always go as planned. fireball is 1 card for 1 with some tempo lose. I can play around both of those.

    Honestly for me it's the aoe that cause problems, since trying to play around both single target aoe remove is pretty difficulty.

    Drawing from my MTG experience, when ever I played a limited deck with both lots of good single target removal and 1 or 2 mass removal, I almost always do well. Which is saying alot since I'm a terrible player.
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    Fluzings explanation sounds about right

    without even taking trades into consideration, mage can just pick off anything with 1 health for free...

    >so 2 mana trade for a card<

    thats great... anything with 2 health can still be killed, it will just take 2 turns...

    so, ya, that hero power is great in arena...

    the new blood imp can be a pain for it tho =P

    (when i dont get mage, i try to fit in as many health 5 or above minions as i can to survive the base flamestrike....i find that 2/5 charge knight guy good for (4)...)
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    Never forget, mage is still the biggest !@#$ up in Arena
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