Need help building a solid deck!

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Im a new Hearthstone player who really need som help building a solid warlock deck. The reason why i create this thread and dont just use a basic which i can find here on the forums is becouse I've managed to get some non-basic cards lately and i feel i need an update for my deck. So if there are any experienced HS players out there who feels free to help me out that would be truly awsome!

Here are all non-basic cards that I've obtained!

Warlock cards

Power overwhelming x1
Blood imp x1
Flame imp x1
demonfire x1
felguard x2
void terror x2
shadowflame x1
pit lord x1
summoning portal x1
siphon soul x1


abusive sergeant x1
argent squire x1
leper gnome x1
Murloc Tidecaller x1
shieldbearer x1
Worgen inflitrator x1
bloodsail raider x1
dire wolf alpha x1
Raging worgen x1
scarlet crusader x1
Tauren warrior x1
Thrallmar farseer x1
ancient brewmaster x1
spellbreaker x1
Gadgezan auctioneer x1
silver hand knight x1
stranglethorn tiger x2
venture co merc x1
windfury harpy x1

As i said im kinda new to this game so any deck building tips are more than welcome! And im an european so that explains my bad english :D!
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Hello fellow European player,

at first i'll start with what cards you should get rid of:

- void terror 2x <- played in combo deck, this isn't one
- shadowflame
- pit lord
- murloc tidecaller <- you don't have any murlocs in this deck
- shieldbearer <- voidwalker is better, you can cast demonfire on him for 3/5 unit for 2 cards and 3 mana
- tauren warrior
- thrallmar seer

optional get rid of:
- felguard - some consider this card awful, some see potential in this, but everyone agrees you shouldn't play more than 1
- summoning portal <- dunno, i feel like this card is too slow, if you want to play it then do so
- ancient brewmaster <- you don't have useful battlecries to play brewmaster
- windfury harpy

Add 2x shattered sun clerics, more imps if you have them, 1 hellfire instead of shadowflame and replace some cards with neutrals demending on your taste. I would add 1 mortal coil to destroy bubbles or draw that 1 card.

And the most important, add soulfires, you have to do that, don't be afraid of using that card to get board advantage, your passive will let you keep up, even after discard.
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On the other hand I just found out I'm an idiot :c

Okay, let's write second post!

So yea, if you wan't solid deck
- power overwhelming
- blood imp
- flame imp
- mortal coil
- 2x voidwalker
- 2x soulfire
- 2x shadowbolt
- hellfire
- demonfire
- siphon soul
- argent squire
- 2x acidic swamp ooze
- 2x crocolisk
- 2x SSC
- raging worgen
- scarlet crusader 22
- spellbreaker
- yeti
- shieldmasta
- gadgetzan auct
- silver hand

Fill rest with w/e
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Thanks for the fast reply! Going to try this deck right away!
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