Am I ready for Diamond?

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I'm not sure where to put this, but I've been raising through the Hearthstone ranks relatively quickly, to the point where I'm Plat 3 after one day of playing... But, once I hit Diamond, is the game going to get ridiculously hard?

This is the deck I'm using currently, and it's been pretty consistent against everything except early aggression Warlock decks.

1x Holy Smite
2x Power Word: Shield
2x Northshire Cleric
2x Shadow Word: Pain
2x Acidic Swamp Ooze
2x Novice Engineer
1x Shadow Word: Death
1x Harvest Golem
1x Injured Blademaster
2x Shattered Sun Cleric
1x Shadow Madness
1x Chillwind Yeti
2x Dark Iron Dwarf
1x Defender of Argus
2x Holy Nova
1x Azure Drake
1x Holy Fire
2x Argent Commander
1x Temple Enforcer
2x Mind Control

Cards I lack but may be good in this deck: A second Shadow Madness, Cabal Shadow Priest, a second Injured Blademaster.

Can this deck get me into high Diamond and maybe even Masters?
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You havent been "raising through the ranks". You were simply randomly selected to "fill" that rank. Your game play has absolutely nothing to do with it. This is why it only took you a few hours to achieve the rank. My wife is a Platinum and I'm a Gold and I spank her every day over and over yet rank never changes for either of us. I dont go up and she doesnt go down. And no we dont use the friends play either, we play through the normal selection process by timing our "click play" button. We get more exp/gold doing it this way. I achieved my rank in 2 hours, she achieved hers in 45 minutes. We've been sitting at the same ranks for about a month now. Havent gone up OR down which simply means that ranks do not currently work other than to randomly fill them with people just to fill them. No matter how much you win, you're not going to go up in rank until they actually enable the ranking system which is not yet completed.

BTW, you should friends list me someday, I love playing against follow priests and I can assure you, I'd mop the floor with you if this is your actual deck hehe :) It's good, just wouldnt do good against other priests. You need mirror the other person a little more to have a better deck, toss in some el-cheapo low value card stealing cards and try to steal their high value legendary cards from their hand or their deck ;) very fun those cards are. I cant count how many times I've stolen several legendarys and won because of it with a simply 1 mana cost card. Having 4 Velen's in your hand is like a priest's dream :) Where is your shadowform? There are a couple cards that give shadowform abilities. I like to use auchenia soulpriest/ysera. I can turn the shadow on/off at will because ysera gives a "Return card to owners hand" card. That is, IF ysera doesnt kill the opponent first with its awesome 4 drop drakes :)
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I'm not really a fan of Shadowform or Thoughsteal. Shadowform is gimmicky as all hell and Thoughtsteal is luck based. I've had other priests steal my Ooze's for example.
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Just hit Diamond 1 after making a Rogue fatigue herself to death. Pretty proud of myself.
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Thats cool, but if you are playing against a PRO player, thoughtsteal is INVALUABLE because you're going to get a high value card no matter what. If you're playing a noob, you may just get a crap card. So I guess it depends on the players you tend to play against really. I tend to only play vs people I know and thus I know their decks rock some serious tail and anything I steal is gonna give really good value. Shadowform is anything BUT gimmicky I think anyway. How can a free holy smite draw every round be gimmicky? I'd love to draw a holy smite on every single round plus my normal draw. Who wouldnt? Holy smite is one of the coolest utility cards that priests have. I've used it many times to get out of a bind. And not just against 2 health cards or low health cards either. I've used it to actually lower the ATTACK of an opponent also by coupling it with Innerfire. Most of the time it's done just out of amusement, but a few times when I am low on health and have nothing else, it's stopped them from getting me to low before I could draw what I need. Shadowform just lets you do the same thing but on a greater scale since you can combine it with another holysmite or whatever you happen to have at the time. Better yet, it puts you WAY ahead in card value. Like so far ahead I couldnt dream of not having it heh.

Fatigue death is cool, easy to pull off with a priest. I find lots of entertainment by killing people with my 1 Demolisher. Its a sick way to die :) Again, its not a card you would run since you dont seem to be a fan of random things. But they are great if you're excellent with board control. I consider it yet another "holy smite". I'm a big fan of holy smite or cards that are similar to it. Theres a lot you can do with 2 damage. Especially FREE 2 damage hehe.
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BTW, what do you use the Temple for? 6 mana for a whole whopping 3 health doesnt seem like very decent value to me. Especially when there are lower cost cards that do the same thing.

Blademaster is pretty sick IF you can keep it alive to live past turn 3 which isnt very likely. There are to many card removals for that, and if you are already past turn 3, the card is pointless.
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I mainly use Enforcer to buff whatever I need to survive in a trade, like an unshielded Argent Commander or an injured Injured Blademaster. It's a late game "I need a 2 for 1" trade card and a big scary body.

Diamond 3 now... Holy crap that went fast.
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It looks quite solid for diamond, you may even be able to get up to master league with that deck.

My thoughts:
  • Harvest golem aint that great for priests
  • I am not a big fan of ooze, skip one or both unless you struggle vs weapon classes
  • Dark iron dwarf buff is a great when you have minion advantage, vs agro decks you usually will have a hard time playing this card when you want
  • I tried defender of argus, but rarely got full value from it as priest
  • Lightwarden usually trade well for a 1 mana card, may be worth considering
  • Wild pyromancer is a great card vs locks
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    Ooze is invaluable to me imo. I've destroyed soo many Gorehowls, Swords of Justice and Ashbringers that I just love saving it versus heroes that have weapons and dropping it at the perfect moment.

    I have a Lightwarden, but I've yet to see a Priest use it well against me. It just...dies.
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    I use to run with 1 ooze but I've found that I can generally heal through most weapon stages anyway. I took it out and replaced it with an extra holy nova instead (previously I only ran with 1 holy nova). I am always baffled when a weapon hits ME though rather than my minions. It seems like a total waste to me. IDK maybe I'm playing the wrong people, but I find that there are lots of people who just drop 6 or more weapons on their hero and constantly pound away at me rather than my minions and I simply just heal through it all until they are out of weapons, and then its game over. The real problem comes when someone uses their weapon to kill minions on their turn. If they just "pick" at the minions (which I've seen people do vs me), I just heal them right back up. Maybe the only people playing the weapon classes are noobs?
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    One Star Master! :D
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    Victory SS or it never happened ;) Oh, wait, this is the 21st century. Victory twitch video or it never happened! hahaha
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    Here ya go. Two Star Master now!

    Topdecked a Shadow Word: Death to kill Deathwing.... NOW I'M MASTERS 3!
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    Some cards might probably be dropped now, like SS Cleric for Raging Worgen perhaps, Shadowform is an ok card, I've been thinking about getting a second one on my deck, it sure helps on removal. (gotta ditch Northshire Cleric though, since when you turn Shadow you have no more healing besides Holy Nova)

    MC now are better to have one or none even (instead having a second Word Death might be a good option), Shadow Madness is always good so two will only help.

    The most controversial, Mindgames, this one wins games (and loses too) against some enemies it might be very useful (got Fire Elemental from Shaman to Ragnaros from Paladin, but also got Novice Engineer sometimes), pretty double-edged sword, but gotta trust the RNG.
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