Blood Imp Bug + Blood Imp Mechanics

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While playing constructed today my enemy had a 3/1 Novice Engineer (had been buffed by Dark Iron Dwarf and I had hit it for 1). When he played Blood Imp the Novice Engineer went up to a 3/3. Other than that, I didn't notice any issues compared with how it had been working in the past.

On another note, I don't agree with the Blood Imp mechanics when they do work as intended (or is it as intended?). If the Blood Imp gives +1 health to all friendly minions, when the Blood Imp gets killed all friendly minions should lose 1 health. Right now let's say the warlock has a Blood Imp in play and you bring his other minions to 1 health (so just to be clear, they would be dead without the Blood Imp buff) and you kill the Blood Imp - all of his minions stay alive. This is not what a normal person would expect to happen and doesn't really make sense. The Blood Imp buff is not a battlecry, and minions do lose the 1 health when the Blood Imp dies, but it is from their total health and not total health including damage OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT. I can't remember exactly how it works but it's weird and counter intuitive.
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It is currently bugged and healing for 1 in addition to adding 1 health. Removed an enrage earlier on one of my own minions :(. Go figure, nasty bug in our favor and I find a way to make it work against me.
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hah! that is pretty funny!
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