After trial and error of getting melted by mages, I made this deck.Does very well against mages and most other decks, although it suffers from typical things like early rushes sometimes if I can't get the right cards but anyways, any suggestions? The auchenai soulpriest+ circle of healing is great for clearing the board, plus the farseer combos well with her as well. All the healing minions and holy fires basically negates all the pyros and fireballs they can throw at you, and the mass dispel can save the day too.

Circle of healing X2
Acidic Swamp ooze X1
Novice engineer X2
Shadowform X2
Acolyte of Pain X1
Earthen Ring Farseer X1
Mass Dispel X1
Auchenai Soul Priest X2
Defender of Argus X2
Holy Nova X1
Abomination X2
Darkscale Healer X2
Faceless Manipulator X1
Holy Fire X2
Priestess of Elune X2
Prophet Velen
Mind control X1