the pointless power

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playing the warlock deck its a joke right? everyone else gets nice things like a heal or a random totem, what dose a warlock get for draining 2 life? a extra card. I think there ability is just too much of a cost, im burning through my deck very quickly and my life as well , all for a extra card??
if it was 2 cards for 2 life , ok that's an advantage but 2 life for 1?? im losing 10 to my 1 win, I don't use the power anymore because its just silly, I can understand they burn life for more power, then why are we not getting more power? why not have it burn 2 life to bring out a car costing 2 less? that's a bit better a extra card.........just seems like a pointless power
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Strongest power in the game. Card advantage is huge. Ignore at your own risk.
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Depends on the card you get from it, really. There are some situations where I would much rather be able to bypass all minions and do 2 damage per turn like the hunter can or ping anything for 1 like the mage can... I still think that reducing it to 1 health burned per use would put it more in line with the other powers, but oh well...
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I can see your reasoning behind the lifetap problem. But if you build your deck correctly by adding multiple 0-1-2 drops, then lifetap is incredibly powerful. A priest heals but then you life tap and pull up Soulfire or Flame imp. Well you have the upper hand because he gained 2 hp but you gained a 4 hit nuke or 3/2 minion. Drawing a card with a properly structured deck spells disaster for the opponent.
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Some people love this ability, some hate it. I love the warlock because it has a very distinct flow and feel to it. It takes some getting used to. Maybe it's just not the class for you?

Keep at it, maybe it will all 'click' for you.
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if you dont understand the ability you have no clue about the game at all. hp is worth nothing. cards mean you win. you only need 1 hp to win. easily best heroability in the game. but warlock cards suck......
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12/10/2013 12:46 PMPosted by manvan
Strongest power in the game. Card advantage is huge. Ignore at your own risk.

Going to quote this, for unbelievable truth :)
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This is one strong Hero Power, people just have to learn to just not dip from the well too much.
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You need to play more card games in order to understand the importance of drawing extra cards :v winning with 1 life point is the same that winning with 30, life is just another resource for your minions/cards.
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I feel that it's a really good power vs most opponents, but vs mages I feel it just gets me killed.
I'll usually have very low health later in the game and then I'll take 2 fireballs to the face and die.

So I try to not use it very often when playing vs Mages unless I'm using some weird deck with lots of healing.
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