So i have been playing Shaman most of the time but i had a few packs that contained a lot of Warlock cards, so i want to try my hand at a Warlock deck. Which i could really use some help with. These are the extra cards i have.

Blood Imp x2
Flame Imp x2
Demon Fire x1
Sense Demons x2
Fel Guard x1
Void Terror x1
Summoning Portal x1
Bane of Doom x1
Siphon Soul x2

Hungry Crab x1
Murlock Tidecaller x1
Leper Gnome x1
Shield Bearer x2
SouthSea Deckhand x1
Worgen Infiltrator x1
Young Dragonhawk x1
Amani Berserker x1
Ancient Watcher x1
Crazed Alchemist x1
DireWolf Alpha x2
Faerie Dragon x2
Ironbeak Owl x1
Knife Juggler x1
Loot Hoarder x1
Mana Addict x1
Mad Bomber x1
Mana Wraith x1
Acolyte of Pain x1
Alarm-o Bot x1
Coldlight Seer x1
Earthen Ring Farseer x1
Harvest Goldem x1
Imp Master x1
Scarlet Crusader x1
Tauren Warrior x1
Thrallmar Seer x1
Ancient Brewmaster x2
Ancient Mage x1
Cult Master x1
Mogu'shan Warden x2
Spellbreaker x2
Twillight Drake x1
Silvermoon Guardian x1
Abomination x1
Faceless Manipulator x1
Fen Creeper x1
Silver Hand Knight x1
Stampeding Kodo x1
Stranglethorn Tiger x1
Mekkatorque x1
Priestress of Elune x1
Mountain Giant x1