Been running with this Priest deck lately and it's just extremely fun and powerful. It might not be 100% solid but think I only lost 2 out of 11 or 12 ranked matches with it.

Just now came from a match where a shaman almost had me totaled, he was on 26 health with 7 minions out and he had brought me down to 1 hp. Long story short, he died and I lived with 2 hp to spare and I didn't even get Mind Control. :P;42:1;74:1;228:1;232:1;303:1;315:2;326:1;346:1;372:1;401:1;415:1;421:2;431:2;442:2;453:1;463:1;519:1;535:2;557:1;600:1;656:1;671:2;

It also has Shadow Word: Death x1 but that one isn't there in the deckbuilder for some reason.

I am in love with Shadowform, if any priest card is OP it's that card, not Mind Control. XD 2 mana unlimited fireballs ftw (with Shadowform x2 + Prophet).

What makes it a really good deck is that you need to hold on to the Prophet for a bit, so you get some value out of him. I either wait for two hexes/polys/assassinates/silences by baiting with the other strong cards (I love when they waste a silence on my Northshire cleric and next turn go into Shadowform :P), or I wait til I have the Mind blast card on at least turn 9 so I can drop him + Mind blast, but you don't wanna really do that unless you have board control though. If you run with 2 mind blast cards and get the coin, you can on turn 10 drop Prophet + double Mind blast for instant 20 dmg to the hero. :P
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