Shaman's Passive: RNG

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Does anyone else have issue with the RNG component of Shaman's passive? It seems like passive abilities are a great design for this game, and help add consistency and strategy to making decks and playing.

But the Shaman passive stands out from the rest as a dice roll.
I guess you can argue that Warlock's passive is RNG because you can't choose what you draw, but you can certainly choose what you put in your deck.

Would it be that broken if you could choose which totem you wanted from a list? I'd be fine with an adjustment to their power level for a trade in consistency in being able to choose the totem I want for a situation.
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The shaman's power is of an acceptable power level, IMO. Choosing what totem you got would be way over powered. Taunt and spell power on tap would just be bad.
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12/10/2013 09:45 AMPosted by ShadowcatX
The shaman's power is of an acceptable power level, IMO. Choosing what totem you got would be way over powered. Taunt and spell power on tap would just be bad.


Contrary to popular belief, RNG adds a lot of situational skill to this game. You have to make a decision in light of the risk it won't work out as planned.

I like the shaman power because it lets you aim for a 'riskier" play that will have correspondingly higher payoffs if it works out.
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No, simply put the shaman's hero power can be by far the most powerful in the game. You can get a taunter that either trades 1:1 with removal or soaks a lot of damage. You can get a 2 mana cost increase spellpower, you can get a 1/1 like the paladin, and you can get a totem that heals all other minions. All of them are ridiculous in the right situation, if you could choose, then shaman would be insanely overpowered.
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how about choosing one card at the start of the game if shaman dont hit the lighting rain first 5 cards vs any murlock team its futile even trying fighting back
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The shaman's power is perfect, yall !@#$%s crazy.
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I don't like the shaman hero power. It is a card game, there is already to much RNG. I don't know how I'd change it if I could though.
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I'm undecided on our hero power. I think it's randomness at the moment is too much, but being able to choose which one you get might be a bit too strong. Then again I'm not sure on how to fix it without changing it too drastically.
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If you need the totem's RNG to help you win a game, chances are you've already lost. There's a lot of times people silence a totem only to have it buffed by some card and reput into good use instead of wasting a creature slot. If you get the totem you wanted, good for you. If not and if you lose because of it, you probably would've lost anyways. My $0.02
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