I need help with a warlock deck!

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I have no idea how to build a warlock.

Unlike shaman or paladin,m which I play a lot, I've understood it that you do try to use as many demons as possible, or am I wrong?

This is my deck right now; http://imgur.com/a/PpPUK

What I'm thinking about is making another Bane of Doom, so that you can skip the negative battle cry's, even if it's completely random.

I do have most neutral common and rare's, so I should be able to build most of what you guys suggest.
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Nobody knows. This class sucks. Sorry man!
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Warlocks aren't TERRIBLE if you build a good deck with them, but to agree with Jonny, they're pretty underpowered right now in comparison to other classes. In theory, a warlock would use a lot of demons. However, the frustrating thing about good warlock class minions like Doomguard, Succubus and Flame Imp is that they either destroy health or drop cards from your hand, putting us demon-lovers at a disadvantage.

My suggestion would be to try a Warlock Aggro deck. These usually consist of a lot less warlock specific cards and much more neutral cards. Power Overwhelming can be used for heavy burst / taunt removal, while Demonfire is used for either removal or minion-buffing. Hellfire and Soulfire can also be used for crowd-control. A Warlock Aggro deck should include battlecry / effect minions like Faerie Dragon, Shattered Sun Cleric, Defender of Argus, etc...those are a few examples of the popular aggro deck minions for any class in the current meta. (I'm actually not 100% sure about the Cleric, as she just got nerfed on Tuesday)

TL;DR, here is an example of a cheapish standard Warlock Aggro Deck:

I personally don't use / have the Pitlord and I would recommend tossing in Shadowflame, Hellfire, or Twisting Nether in place of him for AOE (because lack of AOE control can really mess you up).

I hope this helped!
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Just copy any of these:

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I don't really think it's fair to say warlocks are underpowered.
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