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I have been keeping a rather close eye here on the forums to find any number of solutions with my struggling deck constructions. Attempting to make my way up the ranking system my difficulty has usually been my thinking that all my cards weren't great as I have no Warlock or Neutral legendaries to back them up. However, after studying the many builds via the forums, from random users, tournament deck builds, etc, I have found an interesting synergy with no legendaries necessary.

So for those of you who don't necessarily have the gold/dust to make expensive cards this has been working out wonderfully for me. This deck has effectively halted my losing streak where I was stuck on 1* Diamond, and has quickly helped me push to 1* Master (and still going).

So here you go, I hope this works out for many of you the same it has for me. Be sure to let me know how this deck works out for you, I know it's certainly been fun for me to play and it has definitely been getting me pretty far. Feel free to tell me about the adjustments you've made to this deck and what variations have been working out for you. Can't wait to hear your responses everyone!

x2 (0) Soulfire
x2 (1) Power Overwhelming
x2 (1) Blood Imp
x2 (1) Flame Imp
x2 (1) Voidwalker
x2 (2) Demonfire
x2 (2) Acidic Swamp Ooze
x2 (2) Faerie Dragon
x2 (2) Novice Engineer
x2 (3) Shattered Sun Cleric
x2 (4) Shadowflame
x2 (4) Dark Iron Dwarf
x2 (4) Sen'Jin Shieldmasta
x2 (4) Spellbreaker
x2 (6) Argent Commander

Ok so how do all these work together so well without any legendaries? I will go in depth into each card and please keep in mind, this is tailored to my personal style of play. Everyone's WILL be different! This is merely a basic shell for everyone to create their own variations off of because this build will not work for everyone.

This is a very effective removal/end game card. It doesn't cost you anything but it will force you to discard one card at random. I will usually only use this card if I am absolutely stuck and there is no other way out of a situation OR if I have a massive amount of trash/unnecessary duplicates in my hand. However the most common use I have for this card is it's a 0 mana drop for the end game. People see your available mana and how much damage you have on board and don't usually consider or calculate 'Soulfire' into the equation giving you that 4 damage at that ever so important last turn. Especially at end game, the unwanted discard means absolutely squat.

Power Overwhelming
This card has three primary uses in the deck. First being a highly situational removal if your opponent is forcing it upon you, the second being end game potentially combo-ing out with 'Soulfire' amongst other things to get in 8 damage in excess on the last turn and then there's my favorite method :) this card CAN be used to board clear in synergy with 'Shadowflame.' You buff one of your minions, smack your opponent in the face with it (assuming there are no taunts) and then after dealing your damage directly to them you sacrifice it with 'Shadowflame' usually clearing the entire board advantage your opponent has. This has changed the game's momentum in my favor NUMEROUS times and is very satisfying :)

Blood Imp
Arguably the best card in the arsenal of a warlock deck. If you are a Warlock, I HIGHLY recommend running this card if you aren't already. It has stealth for one which means it cannot be targeted. The synergy with this card is usually dealing damage with one of YOUR minions to an OPPONENT'S minion, usually killing it off or forcing a trade. Dropping blood imp will give it +1 health and assuming you did your math right, it will barely take it out of risk of being killed by certain removal spells or the minion it just attacked. Another helpful use is nullifying ping damage abilities and spells like 'Elven Archer,' 'Fireblast,' and 'Shapeshift.' Lastly you can potentially heal minions using 'Blood Imp!' If used correctly you can do any number of combos that end with the newly place blood imp dying. If it increased the health of a damaged friendly minion and then dies, that newly acquired health on that said damaged minion will stay (nothing above it's base health though).

Flame Imp
Again, another one of those arguably best of Warlock cards. First off I will get this out of the way, YES it does damage YOU for 2. That being said it's a small price to pay considering it's a 3/2 demon for 1 Mana! This will have great synergy with 'Demonfire' making it into a 5/4 or a 4/3 with 'Shattered Sun Cleric' when facing priests running 'Shadow Word: Pain' and 'Shadow Word: Death.' Because most of your opponents know this it's usually a fun Removal Spell waster. People don't like facing demons because they can get really scary, so sure you took 2 damage but it's kinda worth it when they use high cost burn spells to remove it so your larger stuff survives later.

A lot of people don't seem to like this card however I disagree. I think this card is extremely useful and has a lot of potential. Just like all other demons it has synergy with 'Demonfire' but more importantly is IS a 1/3 taunt for 1 mana. Like stated with other cards this can be VERY annoying for your opponent to deal with when they damage it and you heal it back up with buffs and keep increasing it's damage along with it. A lot of people seem to think that a turn one 'Voidwalker' is a bad idea, but I have caused a mass nuisance to my opponents after they attack it for one and I follow it up with 'Blood imp,' then they attack it for another one, I buff it with 'Shattered Sun Cleric,' they attack it for two, and I follow with 'Demonfire.' It's just a potent card. Otherwise as a turn one it usually forces warriors to coin out a weapon turn one just to kill it and you can usually follow it up with an Ooze or just hope they send that excess damage to your face wasting potential removal they could have used later in the game.

Even if you are running only one demon in your deck this card is still very useful. Essentially it seems like a not so worth it damage spell, BUT instead of using it for removal (which is still ok) it can also be used to buff ANY of YOUR Demons (it WILL damage an opponent's Demon minions, but can't be used to attack a player). So suddenly you have an on the fly versatile removal OR buff card for only 2 mana. Very useful in sticky situations or to help push you further ahead.

Acidic Swamp Ooze
This is a card I run in almost every single deck. If you are facing any class that uses a weapon (and there are a lot of weapons out there) 'Acidic Swamp Ooze' will take care if it easily. If your opponent doesn't use weapons that's still ok because it's 3/2 for 2 mana. With 'Blood Imp' you suddenly have a 3/3 for 2 mana... scary.

Faerie Dragon
I use to not really like this card so much but I finally realize that it can push you ahead in a game quickly. For very aggressive play it can be coined out for your first turn and still survive. It's cannot be targeted by either you OR your opponent, [i]HOWEVER[/u] minion abilities on both sides can potentially affect it. That being said you can continuously buff these with 'Blood Imp,' 'Shattered Sun Cleric' and 'Dark Iron Dwarf.' But what happens if it gets silenced? Well suddenly your opponent realizes that may have been a bad idea. I have played many games where these have been silenced and it's still a 3/2. At this point [i]it can be targeted by your own spells[/u] and you can combo it with 'Power Overwhelming' and 'Shadowflame' clearing your opponent's board.

Novice Engineer
Not really much to say about this card, it's a 1/2 that draws a card for two mana. Being able to pay the same amount of mana as 'Life Tap' and not take damage in a Warlock deck it very useful. Filtering through your deck quicker and getting the bonus of having a minion out on top of the card draw is huge. Especially because that little 1/2 can be buffed by other cards in the deck such as 'Shattered Sun Cleric' and 'Dark Iron Dwarf.'

Shattered Sun Cleric
I have been mentioning this card a lot in synergy with the other cards in the deck and it's just plain and simple. It's a 3/3 for 3 mana and it buffs another friendly minion. The potential with this card is scary, especially as it can push any 3 damage minion out of priest range bringing it up to 4. Seeing as how there are a lot of 3 damage minions in the deck this card is extremely useful. As a side note if you are one damage away from killing a board of minions later in the game, drop 'Shattered Sun Cleric' to buff the necessary minion and follow up with 'Shadowflame.'

Probably one of my newest favorite cards I've been using. If you are running 'Hellfire' in your Warlock deck STOP IMMEDIATELY and replace it with this card! 'Hellfire' will not only hurt your opponent and his/her minions, but it will inadvertently do the same to you and your own minions. 'Shadowflame' will ONLY harm your opponent's minions for board clearing and you can still use the previously mentioned synergy with 'Power Overwhelming' to take on something that would otherwise be too big or hit the other player directly then sacrifice it with 'Shadowflame' as 'Power Overwhelming' will kill it off anyways. You might as well get full use out of it.

Dark Iron Dwarf
Just as simple to explain as 'Shattered Sun Cleric,' this card has excellent synergy across the whole deck buffing your other minions to do whatever you please. Kill off an enemy minion that's just too big, cause more direct damage, combo with 'Shadowflame,' etc. Overall great card being a 4/4 with a buff.

Sen'Jin Shieldmasta
This card is more of a personal preference for myself. I most especially love it for facing priests following it up with a 'Shattered Sun Cleric' or just using it in any real sticky situation to prevent damage from coming in or encourage the waste/use of burn/removal spells. Overall it's a useful 3/5 taunt for 4 mana.

I use to hate this card and then I started to use it. This has SO MANY uses it's silly NOT to include it in a variety of decks. Unlike 'Ironbeak Owl' this is a beefy 4/4 that will also give a silence. Whether it's a divine shield in your way, a legendary's ability, or just an annoying card's passive, 'Spellbreaker' will usually handle the problem. Don't forget, Taunt is a passive ability and can be silenced. This is fantastic if you are playing very aggressively and just need to bypass all those taunts.

Argent Commander
Finally, the last card in the deck. Flat out this card is to remove anything too beefy to handle and 'Argent Commander' will survive. More commonly though I tend to use this card for ending a game in synergy with 'Power Overwhelming' and 'Soulfire.' Don't forget about that all important end game everyone. Popping out an 'Argent Commander' on the last turn and pumping him up to 8 damage plus another 4 from your spell... that's usually GG. And if it isn't, it most certainly forces your opponent to think very carefully what they want to do with their next turn usually forcing bad trades for them just to survive.

Thus concludes the deck explanation. Don`t forget to tell me what you think, how it`s been working out for you, and what personal variations you've made to the deck yourselves to go along with your own play styles.

Cheers everyone,
~Daryl of http://Twitch.tv/DarylDoesGames
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Cool setup, thanks for the info. I almost always run at least one Sun Cleric and Dark Iron Dwarf, those guys are just amazing for helping take out a taunter/must die minion, or the /+1 to save your minion so it survives a trade. Those two coupled with Demonfire and Power Overwhelming give a ton of options offensively or defensively like you said.

Also, another thing I like to do somethimes is have a 2 cost brewmaster in the deck for the power overwhelming + attack face or take out a heavy minion. Since I don't have any shadowflames yet (just started playing warlock a few days ago) this is a really nice option to get in a huge hit and save the minion, and reapply that +1/+1 or +2/- or any other Battlecry.You can get a lot of use out of a spellbreaker/owl that way too.

Another possibility with silence is you can also use it to wipe out power overwhelming if you are taking it to their face. For 3 mana you can buff up your minion for the +4/+4 shot, then drop an owl and silence your minion. That way you can wipe out power overwhelming and keep a base stat creature on the board.
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Thanks for the reply
I really like the 'Youthful Brewmaster' as an alternative to 'Shadowflame.' Rather than the minion dying regardless of the outcome, instead it causes massive burst damage in place of board clear. Especially if you're using this as removal for something large I can see this being a nice super aggressive variation on the deck. Thanks again for your input ^_^
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Why the Shieldmasta over the Defender?
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...wow nice necro posting >.>
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Hi all. I did't have all the cards but i filled with some that i think would fit and i got 3 wins in a row in ranked for now.

2x Soulfire
2x Power overwhelming
1x Blood imp
2x Flame imp
2x Voidwalker
2x Demonfire
2x Acidic Swamp Ooze
2x Faerie Dragon
2x Shattered Sun Cleric
1x Hellfire
1x Shadowflame
2x Dark Iron Dwarf
2x Sen'Jin Shieldmasta
1x Spellbreaker
1x Summoning Potal
1x Voidcaller(You may want to change this since this deck has only 3 demons)
1x Argent Commander
1x Dread Infernal
1x Sunwalker
1x Stormwind Champion

Sorry for bad english.
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A few more annoying tanky taunt and your deck is ready to go!

Sludge Belcher is a good cheap card to get from Naxxrama for your deck.
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I gave this deck a good try and lost 5 games in a row. I'm gonna have to go with a thumbs down sry.... of course this IS an old post.
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10/24/2014 12:59 PMPosted by StrygwyrBS
I gave this deck a good try and lost 5 games in a row. I'm gonna have to go with a thumbs down sry.... of course this IS an old post.

Please do not necro threads, especially if you notice they are old.
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