Buff Warlocks Visuals !

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Hey, since last patch I noticed some classes got really cool particles and/or sound effects, consecration, shadowform, etc. But I have always wondered why Warlocks have so generic and boring effects in their spells. This is a copy of a thread I made in GD but got lost to fast, should have put it here.

I mean, Mages have that cool freeze ball effect in frost, Shaman has lightning, Rogue has shadows, Druid has dem greenish particles and Starfall/Starfire, now priest have cool looking shadowform, Paladin has hammer and consecration that looks and sounds great, Warrior has its own too.

None of those are "boring" effects, yet Warlock, who has Demonfire a widely used and kinda trademark spell, is a .... a greenish boring small ball, if you cast it on a demon or an enemy is just as boring. I mean if you buff a Demon it should be more spectacular or something.

What do you guys think?

No balance discution here, just talking visuals.

Also Blizzard changed the falling Infernals from Golden Jaraxxus background and that makes me sad.
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Twisting Nether looks amazing.

Too bad it's not used all that often. (And I don't even have it. Oh well.)
But yeah most Warlock spells look rather uninteresting compared to things like Starfall, Blizzard and Consecration.
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Yeah I love twisting nether, sadly not currently good to earn a spot in my deck :(
I think Warlocks spell should follow that line of artwork.
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not good enough? i just posted about how it saved me while there was a rag on the field. i always have it. its such a good reset imo
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Yeah, not good enough. Tho this wasnt mean for balance.
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I would like to see more visuals for demon cards like the Doomguard, personally.
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