Shadowflame Bug?

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The text does not show that it does spell damage, however when used on a friendly minion with a different minion having spell damage will increase the damage done by Shadowflame
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Spell damage increases all damage done by spells. Shadowflame is a spell that deals damage.
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Think first then post a thread
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first two posts are either trolling or genuinely stupid

either way

it does seem weird that shadowflame would be affected by spell damage because the card text reads
"Destroy a friendly minion and deal its Attack damage to all enemy minions."

if it is affected by spell damage then the card is doing more damage than it promises which is misleading
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It's not a bug.
It's classified as a "spell".
Therefore it acts like a spell.
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actually there is a bug involving shadowflame, wherein it does not work properly with 0 attack minions and spellpower.
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although it doesnt explicitly say DEAL X dmg, where X is the minions attack, that is what the card implies. Spell damage +1 will add 1 to X. In order to simplify for the kids they use the text you see today.
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