so it was warlock vs warlock......

we start off dropping 1/3 blueberries to tank.

I get the flame imp out and he just passes till turn 3

he was second so he coined a portal on turn 3. turn 4 he had two protals. i didnt have enough power to kill em off.

turn five he drops a ragnaros.....FML

i go straight into survival mode. pop an impmaster and whaterver cards i could to bait rag

luckily i had a twisting nether from the get go, all i had to do was survive....

turn 6 he pops a 6/7 tank and im getting pinged by rag, luckily the rng gods let my 1/1 imps take some hits for me

turn seven i draw raging worgen and my prospects are lookin rough.

his turn seven he draws lord Jaraxxus......FML im getting beat on pretty bad....

in desperation i drop twisting nether and wipe the board...... lord Jaraxxus still looming over me....

on his turn 8 he drops those damn 6/6 hero power demons and a dred infernal to boot. boards fillin with inernals and im on my last leg.......

luck of the mother effin draw...... my turn 9 i draw......yup the one card that could save my butt... sacrificial pact!!!


it was a great fight i could only imagine how bad the other player must have felt :)

this is why i love this game, sometimes its not the cards you HAVE that matter, but the cards you DRAW :)
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