Mind Control is still over-powered

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Thank you Blizzard for the recent patch, it was a much needed breath of fresh air.

I like all the card changes made so far other than Mind Control.

What is my issue with MC? heh, changing the card to 10 mana from 8 feels like an insult to me, I feel it is a major game breaker.

I have played a crazy amount of rounds, I only ever see the same strategy used with Priest

I never ever see mind control used on anything under a 6 dmg card, it is always one of your most powerful summons, and or one you spent time buffing.

There is no risk to saving MC, at all....

Such a powerful card should not be in the hands of a Character that already has insane insta kill cards, and opponent card duping, and let's not forget the crazy health and damage buffs available to them, and my least favorite, being able to dupe a card right out of the opponent's hand....

My suggestion for a fix is as follows

1. Make Mind Control whatever mana cost you want, but please give it a % chance to work

Enemy Summon is at full life = MC 50% chance to work (creature's mind is strong right now)
The more damage it takes, the more likely MC will work.

2. Keep MC at 10 mana cost, but please make the stolen monster sleep for the 1st turn it is stolen.

3. Remove MC from the game entirely (it's a soul bound so this should not matter) and replace it with a new card.

There is no reason a Monk should be able to use MC in the 1st place

Thanks for your time,

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The difference between being able to play something on turn 8 and being able to play it on turn 10 is pretty big. I daresay that putting two Mind Controls in a deck might be not be an easy decision now, but I'll have to play enough games to make that determination.

Also, monks aren't in the game yet.
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I said monk on purpose, as it would make more sense for that class to have mind control than a priest
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12/10/2013 05:03 PMPosted by Rellikhcaor
I said monk on purpose, as it would make more sense for that class to have mind control than a priest

That's true. I was at a monastery once and this one monk looked at me funny and then I felt an irresistible compulsion to break dance.
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My only somewhat decent deck is Priest and I still think MC is op. Leave the cost at 8 and make the control temporary; do not put minion to sleep so you can use it to attack for the turn. Balance.
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lol insane insta kill cards..... priest insta kill cards are at 3 or 5 attack which leaves cards that have 4 attack un touched, rogues have an insta kill card without any restriction why are you not crying about that? warriors have execute, mages have lots of spell that can kill most cards even powerful ones, warlock has one too that even restore health.

Using a 8 cost (now 10) card to MC anything under 6 attack is just stupid....... why would anyone do that...... unless you are going for lethal and take out a taunt card or something or desperation either or

All classes have their own kind of removal which by no means OP at all, and you are talking about all these so called buffs that priest can do to minions as if you can't silence them with a simple 2 drop owl......value much?

Opponent card duping.... is btw random and by no means guaranteed to synergise with ur deck and is far from OP

you complain about same strategy used by priest but all classes have their own strategy that they use all the time, Warrior with weapons, Mages with sheep and fireball/pyroblast, Shamans and hex with lots of early overload spells, Rogue with combo cards, just to name a few

Mind control being a 10 drop now enables you to play Legendaries with a minimum of 1 turn without being scared of MC and Rag getting 2 shots off b4 getting stolen its a huge deal now that its a 10 cost you have to think twice now if you want to take 1 or 2 in ur deck

It just seems to me you need more practice and learn easy counters and baiting out cards and holding back cards so you can deal with certain combos that you would expect from each classes, instead of spamming ur hand
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You should probably be aware that the Top 4 at both the recent EU Managrind and NA Managrind tournaments were entirely Mage, many of them running the same decklist. Priests are nowhere near competitive right now. You have to play perfectly just to get a decent MMR as a Priest, let alone compete.

The MC nerf wasn't an issue of the card being "too powerful", it was an issue of low-skill players raging that their precious legendary minion was being "stolen" from them by MC. At 10 mana, it doesn't even provide real card advantage anymore, because it's a dead card for so many turns.

The Priest toolkit is mediocre, the same deck I run currently, with a Mage, has so much greater flexibility than using the same neutral cards with the Priest toolkit. If you're losing to MC, you're not actually losing to MC, you're losing to significant mistakes that lead up to that point.
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You should probably be aware that the Top 4 at both the recent EU Managrind and NA Managrind tournaments were entirely Mage, many of them running the same decklist....

Nobody says that mage arent OP. they are and devs should nerf them also. But here we talk about priest and especialy MC which is bigest problem right now, at least for most of ppl.
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At least with the 10 mana version priests will have to be SOMEWHAT strategic in how they use their removal cards. Hell, they might even have to play a few creatures (besides Northshire) before turn 8.
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