Nerf Nerf Nerf

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Like every game, constructed or arena... It's like playing against an Insane Bot in warcraft 3, as in they get double resources.

You have a great starting hand:
- You summon a great early game minion(knife juggler) or something it gets shadow word pained.
- You summon a squire and buff it with blessing of kings, it just gets shadow word death.
- You overwhelm him with minions, he holy novas.
- He always has more cards then you, northshire cleric/thoughtsteal/mindvision.
- Silence after Silence after AoE Silence.
- You have a strong card? Act like you will never use it, coz it is his.

Nerf Nerf Nerf Nerf Nerf ... Blizzard save us!!!!
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Then why are priests so underrepresented in ranked play ?

Mind control was already nerfed to the point I will most likely just remove it from my deck as most games are decided by turn 10 anyway and I can just hold on to a shadow word death to deal with the annoying big minions instead of borrowing them.
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someone just isnt good at the game
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ITT: OP complaints that priests can kill minions and has a 2 damage aoe spell. Also, priests can have 40 cards in their decks.
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Then why are priests so underrepresented in ranked play ?

Maybe it's because people just don't like them?
But some people are unsympathetic and don't feel bad when they mind control the only minion their opponent could play after bashing them around with superior spells because they didn't specifically tailor their deck to fight Priests.
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The only reason Priest is OP in lower ranks is because people have no idea how to defeat them. Simple as that.
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