Rogue Sap vs Hunter's Freezing Trap

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Can we like, buff sap? Compare it to hunter's freezing trap, it's such a terrible card. Both cost two mana, but we know freezing trap is way better because it returns the minion to the users hand making it cost TWO more.
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I feel sap would be too good if it made the minion cost more. Sure a lot of rogues don't use it, but I for one am having it give me great results. It is a tempo card you can control whereas freezing trap you can't.
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If I ever have sap in my hand at the start I'll keep it if I'm going first, it's really good for sending back a an enemy minion summoned by a mana coin imo =o
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The big difference between sap and freezing trap is of course that sap can be targeted and freezing trap is a secret that if an opponent is smart will be triggered with something cheap.

But even without that +2 mana cost, you can use it to effectively undo a turn. You can also use it to render buffs useless as a sort of ersatz-silence or ersatz-removal. If an opponent slams down a 4 cost card on turn 4, and send it back, then turn five if he wants to play it again he's down to one mana.

Its not that powerful overall, because they can just replay a card, but its only 2 mana and situationally quite valuable.

The difference between being able to target something specifically seems like a fair trade off for that +2 mana cost.
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