Soulfire to strong?

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I have never seen Soulfire backfire on anyone. With the Warlock's incredible ability to maintain hand size, or even dump their hand and then use it without having to discard, it becomes very problematic for any deck. I feel Soulfire should either do 3 damage, or not be able to target heroes, or simply cannot be cast if you have no cards to discard. There are several times I have seen someone use Soulfire for a finisher or simply using it to clear minions for Jaxarrus to deal the final blow. For a card with no mana cost, it does an incredibly high amount of damage. Compare it to the other Warlock cards that require you to discard on use, Doomguard and Succubus, neither of them are even close to the power of Soulfire.
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Succubus and (to a lesser extent) Doomguard are also weak to begin with, forget comparisons to Soulfire.

I don't know how often you've played Warlock yourself, but I've had Soulfire backfire plenty. There are ways to mitigate it all of course, but unless you're using it as a finisher (and even then it can mess you up in some cases) it almost always forces a 2 for 1 exchange, or forces you to risk over-extending your hand. If you're only using it as a finisher, it's a dead card at all times before that.

Soulfire is a very good card, don't get me wrong. It has a good amount of flexibility and power, but you're underselling it's costs a little.
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I disagree - I think the random discard makes this cost appropriate. You have to plan your hand around this (unless it is a finisher) - and yes it can backfire, you just have to plan so that you minimize the chance of backfiring. I also often find myself having to choose between soulfire and doomguard as if you cast one (especially the doomguard) there is a good chance you won't be able to cast the other.
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Run the following experiment:

1. Put together a deck of mostly bad cards with a few really good ones and both Soulfires.
2. Draw cards until you get at least one really good card and a Soulfire, with a bunch of bad ones.
3. Observe how often it throws away your good card but leaves the Wisps.

I'd actually be really happy if it couldn't be used without a card in your hand, but they allowed you to pick which one to throw away. The number of games I've had an enemy between 5 and 9 health with a Soulfire and a Doomguard+ some other cards in hand and the Soulfire throws away the Doomguard is too damn high.
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12/10/2013 09:38 AMPosted by Zoid
The number of games I've had an enemy between 5 and 9 health with a Soulfire and a Doomguard+ some other cards in hand and the Soulfire throws away the Doomguard is too damn high.

Why not use Doomguard first then? At 0 mana Soulfire can be cast whenever you like. If it isn't the killing blow, I see no point in casting it already.
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Uh... Doomguard discards 2 cards, so if you've got 4 cards in hand, it's numerically likely for the Soulfire to not discard Doomguard while DG is likely to discard SF (so you'd play SF first as a gambit to get the KB that turn... then you see the DG's green border turn off, and watch it slowly fade away into nothingness and cry).

Sometimes it might be better to just play safer and throw out that DG rather than go for a win that run, but that isn't always an option.

EDIT: Even if you're not running DG, this can happen (and often) with your second SF.
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i have realized having more then 1 type of discard card in a deck is pretty horrible.
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Yeah now try 3 discards if you have succubus in there too.
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