So before the patch I was piddling around in ranked with my Shaman deck, came across a rogue. This rogue's main strategy was to utilize sap, brewmasters, shadowstep, and coldlight oracles to fill up my hand to encourage me to play the minions I got, then filling up my hand again so I started losing cards to card draws for having maximum number of cards in hand as well as having a fair amount of minions on the field, then playing a vanish to destroy all those minions played. I thought it was quite the interesting strategy. I wasn't expecting it, and while I'm sure it was risky, I felt it was an amazing counter to a shaman deck, who is sure to field some overload cards to make it even harder for them to get their hand down in order to reduce the loss of cards. Has anyone else played against a deck such as this or even play a deck like this? I'm a scrub in terms of experience when it comes to tcgs, my friend said that this is a relatively common strategy in magic, but I know nothing of that. Either way such a concept interests me, any thoughts as to the higher level viability of such a deck?