Advice on my "BBB" Priest Deck?

Hi there, near-total CCG noob here. Decided to make a deck for a priest and ended up with what I call the Big Beefy Bastard deck. Basically I want a lot of low-attack, high-defense cards that I can use Inner Fire, Divine Spirit and Crazed Alchemist on to turn them into insane damage machines and do massive chunks of damage in single turns, preferably early on. Here's the deck as I have it right now (I don't have a lot of cards):

If for some reason the image doesn't work:

Circle of Healing x1
Holy Smite x2
Inner Fire x2
Power Word: Shield x2
Northshire Cleric x2
Voodoo Doctor x2
Divine Spirit x2
Shadow Word: Pain x2
Crazed Alchemist x1 (Would have 2 if I had 2 of them)
Ironbeak Owl x1
River Crocolisk x1
Thoughtsteal x1
Shattered Sun Cleric x2
Mass Dispel x1
Lightspawn x2
Mogu'shan Warden x2
Oasis Snapjaw x2
Holy Fire x1
Temple Enforcer x1

As you can see, I've got a lot of beef and a lot of heals. Ideally I'd like to be able to stall and semi-clear until I can get a Warden, Lightspawn or Snapjaw plus Inner Fire and Divine Spirit, then drop all of those on one person and do MAD DEEPS. Crazed Alchemist can easily turn one of the Wardens or Snapjaws into a 7-damage monster for a turn (or 2 if they're dumb) and the rest of it is to help with board clear, buff health further (because health = damage) and just help me not die. A lot of the removal spells are nice to help with board clear since I don't have a ton of minions, and the Mass Dispel is useful against people stacking a ton of smaller guys with "buff all others because I'm a *@*!%@%@" effects. The lack of Mind Control was a conscious decision based on a lot of playtesting and jk I'm not high enough level for it yet.

I have a lot of fun playing this, but not a lot of success, even when I bait out Hexes, Polymorphs, etc with other monsters before dropping my big fatties. Anyone have any advice?
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Swap Snapjaw for Gurubashi. Swap VooDoo for Faerie Dragons - you don't need the healing, you need efficiency. Swap Mogu'shan for Shieldmasta, dump Owl and Crockolisk for two Spellbreaker. Mass Dispel is bad for your deck - targeted stuff is the go.Will mess with your curve a bit, but should give you a little more 'bottom end'.

No MC can be smart, even though it is one of, if not the best spells we have. You may not have it, but you can be sure your opponent will be worrying about it.

I haven't given you a 'best deck' scenario here - you'll have to change your playstyle a little. But hopefully, the changes will give you some very positive gains.

Good luck!
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I made the changes, although I have a couple of questions: should I keep the Shadow Words in there or swap them out for something like Mind Blast? I also ended up swapping out the Mass Dispel for another Crazed Alchemist- what would be the best situation to use his battlecry without the Snapjaw and the Warden to turn into pinch 7-damage monsters? For the time being, I also stuck in a Stormwind Knight for one of the Northshire Clerics so I have something to Divine Spirit/Crazed Alchemist into a huge 10/2 for a turn of giant damage, but I don't know if something else might work better.
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Mind Blast is a bad card in general, although that's a personal thing. Keep the Shadow words for sure - the Alchemist is great for flipping opponent's minions and putting them in range. And never dump the Cleric. You want more of them, not less. ;) If you want more targets that like their Health pumped, check out Lightspawn. And don't underestimate Temple Enforcer. Great card. Stormwind is not for your deck - relies too heavily on other things being on the board, and a smart opponent knows the best way to screw a priest is to keep his board clear.
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