Is Flame Imp bad now?

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I'm just curious what the opinion is. For 2 health it felt okay, but 3 feels like a little much when the enemy can usually insta-kill it.
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That's the thing though, normally they have to kill it with minions. The imp trades up against a large number of 2 and 3 drops and if they burn a frostbolt or a fireball or a hammer or a lightning bolt the imp made my opponent burn removal and he's a turn 1 play.

So no not particularly, the flame imp is still in all of my decks, I just take one fewer life tap than normal
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i guess it depends, if you can play it on turn one or two it's great still. i don't think it's worth it if you draw it late game though.
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Turns 1-3 can be good, though it's not particularly important/useful beyond that.

I have taken it out of my Control variants (before I thought it was a good way to deal with 3 health 1 and 2 drops). To be fair though, I am running Pit Lord (it's harder to remove generally, and soaks up removal that would hit my Giants or Drakes, as well as being a good threat if it lives) in my current Control variants, so the extra damage has more impact even though I've got a few sources of healing to begin with.
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I still use them in my deck, but yeah, feel like it's a bit too much :x
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pit lord is also alot, 5 health for a 5/6 (5), hell of a lot
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I have just recently built a Warlock Aggro deck and honestly just got done DE'ing my Flame Imps since you can get 40 dust per DE right now. In my opinion even for an aggro deck, this card just doesn't shine like it should. The problem is that often, even if you play it 1st-2nd turn, you take 3 to the face and then the next turn there can often be several creatures that would love to trade up with this critter. Any opponent that has a 2/1, 2/2, 2/3, or even a 3/2 or 3/3 will gladly trade with Flame Imp because you just took 3 to the face. Imo there are only about 3 scenarios that make Flame Imp worth it;
1. Played 1st turn with the coin on the heels of Blood Imp.
2. Played 2nd turn after Blood Imp.
3. Played 3rd turn and immediately followed with a Demonfire to pump him.

Beyond the 3rd turn its utility drops dramatically, and even within the first 3 turns the card is, I feel, too situational.
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Flame Imp is still a great minion for an aggro deck, except now its not a faceroll 'oh I have a flame imp, I'll instantly play it then' kind of great.
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Honestly, I run flame imp with molten giants. They're great for getting an 8/8 at lvl 5 or something.

Work well with life tap too.
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Their downside is too big for control decks. As for moltens, no problem, my opponent will do all the damage necessary.
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