Suddenly Paladins

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12/16/2013 01:23 AMPosted by John
They have decent healing,

26 + hp healing is decent... are u smoking something?
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PALADIN IS BROKEN i cannot beat any paladin practice or ladder so !@#$ing op its infuriating
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i love paladins. cool.

paladin is now OP. been routin' for them since D2 day 1 baby!
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very neco
such redemption
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12/16/2013 01:30 AMPosted by Scynfewl
They are everywhere in ladder because they are uterly broken. Cards like Divine favour Lay on hands or avenging wrath have no place in the game

ANNNNNDit has begun. Priests, then Hunters. Mages for a few days and now Paladins are OP. Turn your bandwagon around and head back the way you came in.

Yea, beat it.

You forgot the week of the warlocks.
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Paladin is just plain broken, statistically I lose more to Paladin than hunter or any other class even with Demon lock which is one of the few deck types that challenges Paladin it's truly pointless I just concede rather than waist 10 minutes of time thinking I have any chance of keeping up all it takes is one equality and all your chances for catching up flushed and your still at half life by turn 5.
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