Equality/Wild Pyromancer is too cheap

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Its not that Paladins are starved for cards.

They have pretty powerful draw spells outside of the neutrals
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Hammer of wrath is bad and lay on hands is super expensive. What "pretty powerful draw spells" do we have? :D
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01/23/2014 06:07 AMPosted by DòóM
The combo is cheap on mana because it takes 2 cards. Mana isnt your only resource, cards is a resource aswell, the most important one that is.

That is why the combo is low on mana, its removal that requires more than 1 card.

Name any other class you can play with a combination of 2 cards for 4 mana that resets the entire board state. It is an Oh Shoot button all game long. My opponent just took major board control on turn 10? Well shoooooooooooot, lemme just pyro + equality and then drop Cairne. Np np. I just won the game.

I don't care if it costs two cards. Why is flame strike not broken? It takes up the turn. Why is Twisting Nether not broken? It takes up the turn. Why is equality + pyromancer broken? It leaves you with 6 mana on turn 10 to not only reset the board, but then take control of it. That is hella broken when paladins are the ONLY class that can do it. If Twisting Nether cost 5 or 6 mana, it would be played so much. Reset board, drop Twilight Drake/Yeti. Sounds almost as strong as Eq+Pyro but it costs less cards.

And comparing equality consecrate or equality pyro to flamestrike is a terrible comparison. You flame strike their 9/9 taunted giant, guess what. Its still got 5 hp left. The problem with equality + pyromancer is that it is too cheap for what it does. Equality consecrate is really tilting on the edge of OPness. Not only do you clear their board, your board gets a free attack phase, and the enemy still has to deal with it. Plus you get 4 mana to play a Yeti at turn 10.

Compare this to the Warlock EPIC that is supposed to be the only form of total board death (besides doom sayer), and you just laugh. 8 mana to kill all of their stuff AND your stuff, and then let them be the first to play a decent creature? Why not just hit concede already. The only time Twisting Nether is good is after you have Jaraxxus out, and you use it then hero power out a 6/6. In all other situations its just delaying your death. That's why equality is a problem card.

Im all for paladins getting some removal love. I just hate equality. I play paladin, and when things go bad, you need that combo to do anything about it. And thats not fun for the paladin. And getting hit by a 4 mana board clear is no fun for the opponent. Or a 6 mana I keep my board yours dies. Or an 8 mana, your board dies, you take 4-6 in the face, and I keep my board. That's just not fun. Paladin really needs cards to remove the need for Equality, which has become more a pair of crutches than actually a benefit. It swings the game in such a huge way similar to UTH, that just playing against a paladin makes you have to play around it. And that is bad game design.

If I'm playing against a mage, I know that flame strike will kill my stuff, so I save a creature in my hand to retake the board position after the flame strike. They use the entire turn to do this, so I get to start rebuilding before they can do anything. Against a paladin I have to be in constant fear that my board will be wiped AND they build a board state up on the SAME turn. That is not good for the health of the game.
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Well if you account for 2 mana = card then it's still under cost by 2.

And also both of those cards are quite good on their own.

But, well, it's a card combo I guess. OP, but I don't feel -too- bad when I get hit by it. Not worse than losing just because of all the money in the other deck
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