Equality Bug

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Playing constructed today I had equality Bug and not lower any health to 1, im not sure about recreating the bug, however I did mouse over the effected units and the tooltip did say it had lowered their health to 1, as well as the graphical effect.

It caused a bit of frustration as I had used it to clear the board and got caught out.

Wondering if this is documented and if there's anything I can do to avoid it in the future as I have a heavy reliance on this to help deal with my late game.
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Were you playing a warlock?
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I think it was yeah, something to share?? :)

actually, it could have been a warrior
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its 1base, doesn't affect auras.
if injured minion gets equality with two +1 auras, he will heal to 3.
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Ive played a druid and have the same happen.
murloc leader and two other murlocs on the board - used pyro + equality and lo and behold, the aura saves them. Is this supposed to be so? If so im dissing my whole pally deck ^^.
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It's because of Murloc Warleader... He buffs other murlocs so in theory they can't be reduced to 1 hp using that combo... The same reason they nerfed blood imp... LOL... Not so funny now when all people play murlocs...
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yup the +1 aura would take effect and bring them back up to 2 or more depending on the amount of auras.

a work around would be to kill the minion first then do it. or equality then play pyo+concecration which does 3 to everything. you wont ever get somthing with 4 health after you equality.

using equality-->pyro--> concecration might be a bit much, but somtimes you just must clear the board.

before the blood imp nerf you could of pyro-->coin/holylight(kill the blood imp) --> equality
but now the minions that with the health aura like the warleader are usually 3 or more hp.

tsc equiped can just take out the minion and then do the combo. so when playing against murloc decks you should be prepared for this situation.
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Great advice, requires me to redo my strategies since my deck builds on board clear. Wolfrider ftw perhaps =).
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