Nat Pagle in a Rogue deck

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Hey guys, I was able to recently pull a golden Nat Pagle and have been debating whether or not to disenchant him. What are your thoughts on using him in a Rogue deck?
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DE him. Get a Ragnaros.

You are pretty much trading one of the worst legendaries for pretty much the best.
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Don't listen to Amulrei.

Nat Pagle's a great card - Low cost, typically decent card draw, and works as a pseudo-taunt.
They fixed the bug, he's pulling 50% as he should now.

Ragnaros is good, but doesn't fit into any deck like Nat can, due to his high cost and will probably get nerfed someday for being the undisputed best Legendary by leaps and bounds.
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I use Nat Pagle in my deck, I reckon he's one of the best legendaries in the game

I also love it when people go to extreme lengths to remove him from the board, he's a removal magnet in some matches
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You should even pair Pagle with a Master of Disguise and get some serious card-draw.
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12/19/2013 05:43 PMPosted by Shave
You should even pair Pagle with a Master of Disguise and get some serious card-draw.

That would be ridiculous

Also whoever said get rag.. rag is bad in rogues decks imo and most high rated rogues would agree
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i run him in my rogue deck and i'm hovering around rank 8 atm he makes a pretty good damage sponge and with cold blood he makes a pretty effective turn 2 drop with coin
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Nat Pagle is probably one of our best legendaries, especially considering the issues we have with burning through our hand early and quickly. I would certainly not DE him.
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Every single time I've played him he's gotten me 2 cards. I'm a believer.
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Nat Pagle is amazing, maybe not perfect for a Rogue deck but he fits in so many situations. If you plan on playing anything but Rogue or trying new things, might as well keep him since he only DE's for 25% of cost.
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