Hey guys !

Here's the deck I've been running with recently.

Blood Imp X 1

Goldshire Footman X 1

Leper Gnome X 1

Voidwalker X 2

Voodoo Doctor X 2

Demonfire X 2

Acidic Swamp Ooze X 1

Wild Pyromancer X 1

Drain Life X 1

Shadow Bolt X 2

Earthen Ring Farseer X 2

Hellfire X 2

Shadowflame X 1

Defender of Argus X 1

Sen'jin Shieldmasta X 2

Spellbreaker X 2

Sylvanas Windrunner

Siphon Soul X 1

Twisting Nether X 1

Molten Giant X 2

Lord Jaraxxus

I do reasonably well, but have a lot of trouble against Priests. Hovering around Rank 18/19 right now. I get creamed early game, but then I often get to a point where I can drop the Molten Giants for cheap and throw in Jaraxxus for a big finish.

I wanted to keep improving this deck based upon your suggestions. Any guidance is greatly appreciated, thank you !