A few cards and wierd mechanics.

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This is more of a suggestion really.
So I played a bit with warlock and I found out that apparently when you run out of cards to draw you get damaged by 1 every turn and your class power becomes useless. =)

Maybe It should be like it, I'm not an expert on card games but would it not make sense to get your deck restarted after all of cards run out?

So there is a card called "Succubus" its cost 2 mana but it takes a random card off your hand.
I realize the idea to punish for cheap powerful cards but a random card is way to overtaxing, I'm not sure if discarded cards go back to your deck of are they out for good?
In any case I think it should be a discard of players choosing/or no card draw next turn.

Another card does 2 damage for 2 healing I cant remember what its called (Drain life or something like that), so it gets buffed only by spell damage(although I realize damage is damage but is it not a +spell power that you imply there?) and only on spell damage part, thats a bit strange.
Apart from that it's not a very good card since it only heals a hero and for a very small amount, it would be nice to have it heal a target of choice and/or heal a hero for more maybe 3-4hp?

Main problem thou is I keep targeting myself with this spell and it is actually possible to damage and heal yourself for no reason.

Mortal coil is a bit weak, I think it should be possible to heal your demons with it apart from damaging enemies? Why not make enemy hero also a possible target with it?

Maybe its just me but I could not find a card for fel hound/hell hound?

A minor issue,
I notice many players start counting the damage potential on the board when there are many creatures and it takes time, so it would be nice to have a part in interface that sums up all the active damage you can cause by your creatures?

Maybe its just me but I played against a priest one time and he stole sacrificial pact from my deck, and then used it on my demon. I don't know if 0 cost spell should be capable to instant kill a demon on your opponents side. So maybe it needs fixing.

I certainly believe neutral demons will be introduced if not already, and sacrificial pact would be
overpowered in those situations.

Thank you.
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    Succubus is bad, but it's been discussed to death.

    Agreed, Drain Life should heal according to the spell damage dealt. (why on earth are you targeting yourself, that's your own problem?)

    Mortal Coil's just fine. Yes, it would be nice to target opponent as well.

    Sacrificial Pact is garbage, shouldn't be using in first place. The spell should be an "or" text, destroy target Demon or Gain 5 life. Honestly, even if there was no sacrifice involved it'd still be a 'meh' card, but fact that there needs to be a Demon present pushes this card into absurd territory.
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