Lore-fitting common cards for a Paladin?

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Hey folks, I'm not super-deep into WoW lore, so I need a bit of help here.
Basically, I want to make a "themed" paladin deck, wherein it can only have cards that are either paladin class specifics, or thematically/lorewise fit with the paladin (an example would be Scarlet Crusader).

I've already looked at all the cards that have an affect related to divine shield, but I'm a bit at a loss at other common minions. For example, Master Swordsmith - the dude in the image looks like he's in plate armour, so ... that's paladin? Or, what about Acolytes of Pain? Plate armour, but kind of a dark effect and a dark image tone, very unlike the golden hues of Pally colours. And where do the dwarfs fit into this? Like.. dark iron dwarf, or ironforge rifleman.. Do they fit?
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As you've said, anything that's gold and has divine shield. Riflemen is more of a hunter, Pain dudes seem more like warlock maybe warriors, dark iron dwarf seems like he was a paladin but went to the dark side so to speak. If you want a "Righteous and holy" themed deck then Shattered Sun cleric among others would fit.

Please note this is all speculative and not what I know but rather what I think.

edit: Silver Hand Knight is a common you would want to include for sure.
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The paladin deck has a lot of support for theme.
If you're familiar with Warcraft lore (Sounds like a dumb thing to mention, but some people did pick up Hearthstone without playing WoW or WC), you'll notice the following titles as paladin-oriented:
Shattered Sun
Argent Crusade / Argent Dawn (Argent)
Blood Knight
Anything in shining armor, or golden-looking
Draenei typically go towards paladins (Defender of Argus)

I'm sure there are others, but they have a fairly distinct theme. There's a few grey areas (Lightwarden is more for priests, but looks paladin-like) where priests and warriors may intermingle, but the list of keywords or identifiers will push you forward.

Paladin decks also favor Divine Shield and/or taunt. Some may also provide some healing benefits to an extent, but I haven't seen any of that yet.
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Aura cards :O, not sure how to implement this into the game but auras would be awsome.
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Alright, thanks for responses. Hm.. So I guess the riflemen are out, then. I suppose they did feel a bit odd, I just went with them because their armour looked similar to paladin's garbs.

Hadn't considered def. of argus, to be to be honest. Thanks for tipping me towards that!
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Paladins have golden armor and big maces. Brown hooded riflemen are out of question. :p
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Here are the minions that imo fit the paladin theme

1 mana
Argent Squire

2 mana
Master Swordsmith
Sunfury Protector

3 mana
Scarlet Crusader
Shattered Sun Cleric

4 mana
Defender of Argus
Silvermoon Guardian

5 mana
Silver Hand Knight

6 mana
Argent Commander

7 mana
Stormwind Champion
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I did the same thing and it worked out pretty well

Argent Commander – 6
Argent Protector –2
Aldor Peacekeeper – 3
Defender of Argus – 4
Guardian of Kings – 7
Tauren Warrior – 3
Spellbreaker – 4
Tirion Fordring – 8

Tauren Warrior might be the only out of place minion lore wise . But when it comes to fighting with honor Taurens kind of epitomize that value.
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Scarlet Crusaders don't fit lorewise at all, because the only Paladin hero currently available is Uther, so you're essentially making an Alliance deck, and Scarlets wouldn't be seen within a ten mile radius of Alliance or Horde or undead or... anyone but their own kind.
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