Hi! I've only just started playing this alpha within the last week or so, and I've been having a ton of fun! I really enjoy the Warlock's playstyle, so I'm trying to build a good deck for them. I've been playing Spell Damage, and I had a pretty decent win rate (70%~80%). However, since the latest update, my win rate has gone down to the 30~40% range, and my deck has changed very little. I don't know if maybe there were a lot of changes that allowed spell damage to be more easily countered or what, but it's not been doing nearly as well.

I posted the deck I've been using below. I was wondering if anyone could take a look at it and recommend any changes? Keep in mind, I only just recently started playing, and have not spent any money on this game, so I don't have a lot of cards beyond the basic cards and several commons.

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