Delay-ish Raging Worgen combo deck...

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I Started building this deck around the concept of getting the most out of enrage creatures in general...

2x Charge
2x Inner Rage
2x Execute
2x Whirlwind
2x Battle Rage
2x Heroic Strike
2x Rampage
2x Slam
2x Amani Berserker
2x Cruel Taskmaster
1x Frothing Berserker
2x Raging Worgen
2x Warsong Commander
2x Kor'Kron Elite
2x Arcanite Reaper
1x Gorehowl

What I've found during play though is that it really shines when focusing solely on the raging worgen around turn 5-7. I use the Warson commanders, Frothing berserker, and Amani Berserkers mostly to bait removal, and keep the board manageable. things like slam, and battle rage help find the cards you need (especially if you can get a bit of a board then ww/battle rage... so good). Heroic strike, slam, and ww in conjunction with a few creatures can keep an early board from getting nasty. By turn 5-7 (hopefully after you have taken 5-10hp off your opponent, and cleared all their taunt) pop Raging Worgen, Dump on charge, and as much Inner Rage, Rampage, and Cruel Taskmaster buffs as you have. They never see the 14-6 raging worgen coming...

Granted i'm not playing pros here. I'm only rank 18. But I seem to have about a 75-85% win rate with this deck. Obviously like any "combo" deck, its pretty susceptible to bad draw. And super agressive burn and rush down decks are trouble. Also really taunt heavy decks, but i never see those. But when you pull off that combo on that mage who is sitting at 24hp to your 11 acting all smug, and hit her for 11, 11, and 5 with that 2nd arcanite reaper swing it feels great.

For the newbies like me who like the cut of the warriors jib, I reccomend at least tring this deck out to have alot of fun with warrior buffs, combos, and general bad-assery. For people who are more experienced/competitive, any thoughts on improvement? is it maybe only doing will because i'm going against other bad players? I hope not.

Raging Worgen Warrior. RWW. New meta. tell your friends.
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just about every time I play that friggin worgen.. it dies
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Yeah, thats why I hold it until i have have at least charge and inner rage. It never lasts more than the turn it comes out, but nobody seems to expect you to have like 18 damage in hand :D
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Alot of people play worgen before its time too. because its a 3 drop but i can get 28 damage in one turn. having said that, it comes down to how to play your cards not the card alone. to play worgen you need to play control and just have your combo mapped out. a few warrior weps are okay and some 3 drops are fine but mainly high value plays only unless you are gonna die or you need to kill there combo. lots of card draw and control for worgen decks and if you have leeroy then you can just go for it. ez mode
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